2010 Relay For Life Quilt

It is rare that I post a project here without supplying a pattern, directions, or at least a link to where you can find instructions.  There are a few things I make exceptions for, and my Relay For Life Quilts are one of them.  Each year I make  a quilt, that I then donate to The American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.  There it is raffled off, and all of the money raised goes back to the Relay.

This year’s quilt is one of my favorites.  I like the traditional design (it is Retta Warehime’s Pistachio), and I think my fabric choices help it look modern.  This is my usual quilting style…traditional with a modern twist.

I hope, by posting this, I have inspired some of you to help take part in the fight against cancer, whether it be by donating to the Relay For Life in your area, getting involved with The American Cancer Society, or maybe even making a quilt of your own to raffle.  If you’d like to participate in a Relay, you can search here for one in your area.  And, of course, if you’d like a chance to win this quilt, just send me an email!

A quick thank you to Lisa at Lisa’s Clover Hill Quilts for quilting this for me.  I so greatly appreciate her taking the time to do it.  (One day I will sharpen my free motion skills, but I have been saying that for three years now.)  If you are in the Berlin, CT area and haven’t been into Lisa’s shop, you really are missing out.  She carries everything you could ever need, she’s got great classes scheduled, and she’s super sweet and super smart when it comes to everything quilting.

And if you’d like to see last year’s Relay Quilt, which is a sampler complete with my own step-by-step tutorials, please click here!


Nikki, In Stitches

Added Later: This year’s quilt raised almost $600!  Thank you so much for all your donations!

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One Response to 2010 Relay For Life Quilt

  1. SewCalGal says:

    I too love to make quilts to help raise money to fight cancer. We just raffled off one in April for the American Cancer Society too! Yours is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing insight on the book/pattern you used I wasn’t familiar with that design. Love it!

    Thank you so much for taking time and money to make such a quilt, for such a worthy cause. I’m sure you are helping to save many lives!


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