3 Tips For Cutting Fabric With Your Silhouette Cutting System

It seems like vinyl and paper really steal the show when it comes to what Silhouette cutting systems can do. So much so that one of the most popular questions people ask me is “Can I really cut fabric with this machine?” The answer is a resounding “YES!!!” and I have a few tricks to help make cutting fabric really quite simple.

Below you’ll find my three best tips for cutting fabric with your Silhouette cutting system, as well as a promo code for a Silhouette Portrait cutting system bundled with all the goodies required to cut fabric…pretty much everything you would need to cut all the pieces for your next applique quilt. Yup! Cutting applique shapes has never been easier…take a peek!


1. Keep a separate blade!

Yes, you’ve probably seen this before. But yes, I’m going to say it again. It is REALLY important to keep a separate blade just for fabric. Think about scissors around your house. You probably have one pair in your kitchen. You may have one pair set aside for working in your garden. You certainly have multiple pairs in your craft room! And why? Because different scissors serve different purposes. And by keeping them separate, THEY ALL tend to last longer! The same exact thing goes for your Silhouette blades. Keep one for paper. Keep one for fabric. BOTH will last longer!

2. DO NOT use a brand new mat!

As many of know, a brand new mat is VERY sticky. Sometimes it is too sticky depending on what material you are cutting, and fabric would be one of those materials. If you’re fabric sticks too much to your mat it could stretch and/or the edges could fray. Many of you have heard me talk about keeping different mats in different “stages of stickiness” for this exact reason. If I’m going to cut fabric, I pull out a slightly older mat that is less sticky. Save that super sticky mat for a more appropriate material!

3. Keep a small (and I mean VERY small!) pair of scissors close by!

You’ll notice after your machine has cut your fabric that there may be a few threads still connecting your pieces to your fabric. Keep a teeny, tiny pair of scissors close by so that you can just quickly give them a little clip before you pull your piece all the way off of your mat. Clip them one by one as you go. Again, this will lower your chances of stretching your fabric and your pieces will be less likely to fray!

See? Three VERY simple tricks can make a huge difference when cutting fabric with your Silhouette cutting system! If you have any questions about cutting fabric with your cutting system, you know where to find me! Nikki@NikkiInStitches.com

And now for the sale details!

The Silhouette Portrait Bundle includes:

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