A Card Making Starter Kit Continued

It was brought to my attention that I left out two very important pieces of the card making puzzle.  What do you use as a base, and how do you attach all these beautiful embellishments you’ve just created?  Thankfully, these are two very easy questions to answer.


You can really use any cardstock as your card base.  Cut it to the dimensions you’d like, fold it in half, you have a card.  I would recommend purchasing a bone folder so that you get a nice, crisp fold.  You can get away with using anything you probably have around the house, a pen, a pencil, but as you learn more fun techniques, the bone folder will become more useful.  If you’d like to jump right to the fun of embellishing your card and bypass making the base, you can buy prepackaged blank white cards and envelopes at your major craft store.  You can buy a pack of 50 cards and 50 envelopes for approximately $6.99. 


So now that you have all your card-bone-folder-adhesive-rollerpapers cut, your embellishments printed or stamped and ready to go, how do you keep it all together?  This is where every card maker probably has their own personal preference.  Liquid glues do not work for me.  In my opinion, they are messy and they take too long to dry.  I prefer to use an adhesive roller.  You drag the roller on your paper or embellishment and it leaves a row of sticky dots or, in some cases, a thin two sided tape behind.  Press one piece to the other, stuck.  No waiting for the glue to dry and no smearing away of any excess glue that leaked out the sides.  My past bad experiences with glue are certainly showing!  To be fair, glue does have its place.  Some embellishments are too delicate to roll an adhesive applicator across.  If your embellishment is three dimensional, and there is no flat surface to roll, you would need to use glue as well, however, whenever possible, I stick with the roller.


Now that you have a complete list of basic necessities for card making, the fun is about to begin!  Don’t be afraid to try new techniques, experiment, and of course, keep us posted of your progress!

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