A New Kind of “Yard” Sale

I am squeezing in one last visit to my parents’ house in New Jersey before the arrival of the new baby.  I timed this trip perfectly.  My favorite, huge craft fair is this weekend in Ocean City, and I spent the entire morning walking the aisles, trying to keep myself from buying everything in sight.  This is one of my favorite places to find great decorations (both indoor and outdoor) for the holidays.


But before I found myself surrounded by tents full of holiday cheer, my mom and I decided to take a quick look at a “yard” sale we heard about. 


My fabric stash will never be the same.

You see, by “yard” sale I mean we found a woman selling fabric for $1 a yard. 


Yes, $1 a yard. 


Here’s how it works.  I don’t know where she gets this fabric, but I know she is an avid quilter.  A few of her friends were there, and they were leaving right from the “yard” sale to their monthly quilt guild meeting.  She had tables and tables of fabric…all pieces pre-cut in usually 1, 2, or 3 yard increments.  I don’t think I saw any larger than that.  Everything was already tagged, and clearly showed how large the piece was and how much it would cost.  1 yard = $1.  2 yards = $2.  How could I walk away?  There was cotton and flannel, which I’ve never worked with but thought now was a pretty good time to start accumulating some to play around with.  Where else am I going to find it this cheap?  She also had fat quarters.  Ready for this?  $0.25 a piece, 5 for $1!!! 


So, you may be thinking how can I get my hands on this?  Well, sadly, the answer is not any time soon.  It’s a once a year “yard” sale, the Saturday of Columbus Day weekend, just outside of Ocean City, NJ, and even if you live around the block from her, I doubt there is anything left.  (I thought my mom was going to get in a bidding war with the lady next to her over one piece that they both liked.  There was a lot of talking back and forth.  “Are you going to take it?”  “Are you sure you like it?”  “I’ll take it if you don’t.”  I thought I was going to have jump in the middle of them!)  But, if you’re anything like me, you’ll start saving your spare change tomorrow for next year’s sale! 




Nikki, In Stitches

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2 Responses to A New Kind of “Yard” Sale

  1. Chris says:


    I should have known that you and your Mom found that yard sale!!! You girls know where ALL the good places are to shop!

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