Back To My Roots

The new year is calling me back to my roots.

Back to sharing what I love, teaching, and most importantly…creating.

Hope to see you around here more often in 2018.


Nikki, In Stitches

PS…Take a good look at the subway sign above. Each painted line of text represents something special for the family it was given to…zip codes, anniversaries, initials, etc. The Roman numerals represent their seven grandchildren. You’d never know it, but that line only is actually a vinyl decal. This family is still growing. Just like it was an honor for me to make this sign, it will be an honor for me to update it when their family is complete.

DIY Tips

1. I cut and assemble the wood for my signs myself. Untreated, plain old pine is my favorite.

2. I use a vinyl stencil to paint the signs. Base coat the stencil first in your background color, then your desired color. You’ll be much happier with how crisp your lines look.

3. I use Oracal 631 for my stencils, and in this case, the Roman numeral decal. If you need to stock up, you can use my affiliate link from Expressions Vinyl, here. I buy my vinyl in 5 yard rolls so I can paint this entire sign with one large stencil. Be sure you sign up for the rewards program if you haven’t already!



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