“Back To School” Silhouette Specialty Media Sale!

It happens every year!

Summer flies by and before we know it the kiddos are headed back to school!

And moms are stuck in the weird place of happy and sad at the same time: Sad to see the days of fun come to an end, but happy to be able to enjoy a cup of coffee, while it’s still hot…without having to warm it in the microwave four times.

I have a fun project to “reshare” today from last summer…the “Back To School” tumblers you see above. Instead of sending you to last year’s post, I just copied the full how-to below. I’ve also updated the tutorial for the V3 version of the software, but the directions are exactly the same if you’re still working in V2.

If you are just starting out with your Silhouette cutting system, these are a great beginner project! Just a note: Last summer I found the tumbler cups on Pick Your Plum, but since then I’ve seen similar water bottles at my local craft store!

I also wanted to share the details of the latest Silhouette sale. I know many of you have reached out recently about wanting to buy a cutting system, and the bundles offered this month are such great places to start. With your machine, you would also get some of my favorite Silhouette products to work with, so you can get creating right away!

The details of the sale and the “Back To School” tumbler cup tutorial are below. If anyone has questions about Silhouette cutting systems, which one may be right for you, etc. please feel free to email me directly (Nikki@NikkiInStitches.com) or just comment below!


Nikki, In Stitches

1. Silhouette’s “Back To School” Specialty Media Sale

As you can see, with each bundle you get A TON of goodies to start playing with right away!

In the Portrait Bundle you get:

  • Silhouette Portrait
  • 1 pack of Chipboard
  • 1 pack of Printable Silver Foil
  • 1 pack of Printable Gold Foil
  • 1 pack of Printable White Sticker Paper
  • 1 pack of Printable Clear Sticker Paper
  • 1 pack of Printable Cotton Canvas
  • 1 pack of Adhesive Washi Sheets
  • 1 pack of Basic Sketch Pens
    MSRP: $260.91 
    SALE PRICE: $149.99

In the CAMEO Bundle you get:

  • Silhouette CAMEO
  • 1 pack of Chipboard
  • 1 pack of Printable Silver Foil
  • 1 pack of Printable Gold Foil
  • 1 pack of Printable White Sticker Paper
  • 1 pack of Printable Clear Sticker Paper
  • 1 pack of Printable Cotton Canvas
  • 1 pack of Adhesive Washi Sheets
  • 1 pack of  Basic Sketch Pens
    MSRP: $380.91
    SALE PRICE: $269.99

Ready to start shopping?

Head over to the Silhouette site and get going!

And be sure to use promo code STITCHES to get your discount!

This offer is only good from 8/13/14 to 8/31/14!

2. “Back To School” Tumbler Cup Tutorial

Your little one is going to LOVE finding this in their lunch box the first day of school!

First, measure the circumference of your tumbler. For me, it was about 8 1/2″…that’s with a little bit of overlap. We’ll work off of that number for this post, but you can adjust it to fit your tumbler or water bottle accordingly.

Note: The part of my tumblers that I am adhering the vinyl to is straight up and down. This how-to will not work if your cups or tumblers are slanted, i.e. larger at the top than at the bottom. You would need to curve your text, and that’s something we’ll save for another post! However, if you can’t find tumblers like these, don’t stress! This same design would look adorable on a thermos (often straight up and down like these tumblers!) or even a lunch box or plastic pencil case!

In your Silhouette software, click on the “Draw A Line” button and draw three horizontal lines, each your desired length. (Again, for me, it’s 8 1/2″.)

Now click on the “Open The Line Style Window” at the top right of your software.

Be sure your top line is selected. Keep your line solid, but adjust the line thickness to 3.8. You’ll also want to be sure that you’ve selected “Corner” for your “Corner Style” and “Flat” for your “End Cap Style.” Take a look at the screenshot below to see exactly how I have my line adjusted. Make these same adjustments to your bottom line as well!

Now select your center line. You will adjust this line the exact same way, except you’d like this one to be dashed. I used the fourth option down in the “Line Style” options box.

Click the “Open The Cut Settings” button from the top right of your Silhouette software. In the right sidebar, be sure “Standard Cut Mode” is selected.One at a time, select each of your lines, and then select “Cut Edge” from the “Cut Style” options.

Now we’ve got our lines…let’s add some text!

I used a free font I found called Learning Curve. Using that font, or any other you’d like, type the name you’re going to put on your tumbler.

As you can see, this font is a little on the thin side, which is fine, but just not for cutting vinyl. So I fattened it up a bit using the “Offset” feature of the Silhouette software.

To do so, be sure your name is selected. Then go to the top right of your screen and click then “Open the Offset Window” button.

With a little bit of playing around, I found that if I adjust the offset distance to .02 (yes, I know that’s tiny!) it gave me almost an exact replica of the name, just thicker!

Delete out the original text, so you are just left with “thickened” name, and enlarge it to your desired size. For me, I wanted my finished name to be about 1 1/2″ high.

Click and drag each of your horizontal lines to adjust the distance between them to fit your text!

From here it’s just a matter of cutting and transferring your vinyl. Cut your lines first from white (or whatever color you’d like) and use transfer paper to adhere them to your tumbler. Then cut your name (again, from whatever color you’d like…in my case, black) and transfer it to your tumbler! Super easy!

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