Rustic Wooden Pallet Picture Frames

The wall above my sofa in my living room has been empty since the day we moved into this house. I claimed it was because I was waiting to find the perfect piece of art to fill such a large space but really I knew I wanted to build something for up there…but I didn’t know exactly what that something would be.

Fast forward a year (yes…I know. That’s a long time to have a huge blank space in your living room. My husband told me so many, many times!) and I stumbled across this post from Sweet Georgia Sweet on Facebook. I was instantly in love with the idea of pallet frames, and equally excited about finding a project I could make myself. I’m determined to literally DIY as much of our house as I can.
Give me a weekend snowed in (Thank you winter storm Jonas!), and I’ll give you pallet picture frames!

The full how-to is below!


Nikki, In Stitches


  • Raw pine wood wall planks (Don’t let the name of these scare you! They are simply really thin tongue and groove pine planks you would use to create a wainscoting look in your house. You can buy them in long 8′ planks, but those may be hard for you to not only transport but cut down to size by yourself. I actually found mine in a twelve pack of planks that were 32″ long…MUCH easier to handle!)
  • Two 1/4″ thick plywood squares, one cut to be 20″ and the other 17″
  • 1″ wood screws
  • 14″ canvas (This was a custom size I ordered from I am NOT an affiliate for them, I just found them…and their 60% off coupon when you sign up for their email list!…and thought it was a great deal!)
  • Nail for hanging canvas
  • Mounting hangers for the back of your pallet


For this project I used both a chop saw and a table saw, as well as a drill and hammer. Please don’t let that last sentence scare you. You can absolutely ask your local hardware store to cut your lumber for you, just go prepared. Have your specs exactly mapped out so you can tell them precisely  how to cut each piece!

NOTE: In the directions below, I’ll work with the exact dimensions I used. You can absolutely adjust the size of these to be whatever works for your space! If you need help scaling the project, just ask!


  •  Make your “pallet.”
    The pallet construction is VERY basic. I used nine vertical planks going across, and two horizontal cross bars behind. You can see in the picture below exactly how I have them put together…even where I screwed them together. I did cut my planks down a bit. They started at 32″ and I cut them down to 30″. (Why 30″ you ask? Because with nine planks across that gave me a square!) I also trimmed off the outside edge of the right most plank and the left most plank. Remember, these are “tongue and groove” planks so they do not have flat finished edges. I simple ran these two through my table saw to give them a nice flat clean edge! If you don’t mind the tongue and groove showing on the sides, then feel free to skip that part!

  • Paint your largest (20″) plywood square and screw it into place in the center of your pallet.
    My 1″ screws came through the pallet in the back, but I didn’t mind. If you want a more finished back of your project, you can switch here to a shorter screw. Just be sure when you screw in into place the screws are placed about 2.5″ in from all the edges. This will ensure they will be covered by the next layer of plywood!

  • Paint your last plywood square (17″) and screw it into place in the center of your pallet.
    Again, just be sure your screws are about 2.5″ in from all the edges so that your canvas will cover them!

  • Place a nail in your top most layer to hang your canvas from.
    Do a little prep work and measuring here. You want to be sure your canvas is centered. Measure to the center of your canvas, and also how far down the hanger is on the back. Adjust your nail placement accordingly!

  • Mount your finished pallet to the wall and then hang your canvas from the center! The nice things about these is that as your kiddos grow older, it’s so easy to swap out the canvases!!

PS…The “graphics” for today’s post were actually created in my Silhouette Studio software. Yup, like I’ve said so many times…you really can do so much more than just cut paper and vinyl with your Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait! If you’d like to push your Silhouette crafting to new levels, stop by and take a peek at the Crafting With Your Silhouette monthly program. I’d love to see you join us in class! Click here for more details!

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How To Stain Wood With Tea, Vinegar, and Steel Wool {Now The ONLY Way I Stain!}

Staining wood with tea, vinegar, and steel wood really couldn’t be much easier. You’ll see in the tutorial below that the steps are very simple…but just like many things in life…the secret to getting it just right is in the details!

The how-to be low is short and sweet.

But pay close attention to the tips tucked into the material section and the “IMPORTANT NOTES” afterwards…you’ll love the result even more if you take the time to get it perfect! 

Also, many of you asked for a tutorial on how I actually constructed my frames…that’s coming next week! Stay tuned!


  • RAW wood (This is important! Any finish on your wood is going to effect how the ingredients react. If you’re using wood that already has a finish, wood that is old and you don’t know if it’s been finished/sealed/waxed etc., or if you have wood that you’ve sanded down to remove any of those things, YOU MUST FIND A PLACE TO DO A TEST PATCH! The bottom of the table top, inside a drawer, somewhere! I personally have only ever used this method on raw wood and people ask me can it be done on wood that’s been finished. There are so many possible finishes it is impossible to give a definite answer. You MUST test it first to see!)

  • Vinegar / Steel Wool Combo (This is pretty easy. Fill an old mason jar with vinegar. Dump in a clump of steel wool you get at your local hardware store. Let it sit FOR A LONG TIME! I let mine sit for about a week. Actually, to be totally honest, I keep a batch of this stuff brewing in my garage year round so I’m ready to stain whenever the feeling hits me, but I know not everyone stains wood on a whim. You’ll see that after about a week the steel wool has almost completely dissolved and your potion looks like rusty water…that’s just right! If your steel wool floats at the top and doesn’t sink to the bottom after a few days, just get it a quick shake…most times the steel wool breaks up almost immediately. Let it sit for a few days more though before you use it!)
  • &nbsp

  • STRONG tea (The stronger the better! And any tea will work…as long as it’s strong! An important note here is that while you can let your steel wool and vinegar mix sit for ages in your garage, the same is NOT TRUE for your tea. After awhile your tea loses it’s “umph” and won’t react. Make a fresh batch for each project!)
  • &nbsp

  • Paint brush (Don’t waste money on a fancy expensive brush! I do like a wide brush when I’m staining like this, but it doesn’t have to cost a lot!)


  • Paint your wood with your tea and let it completely dry.
  • Paint your wood with the vinegar / steel wool mix and watch the magic happen.
  • Repeat these two steps one more time if you want a darker stain.

See what I mean? The actual technique couldn’t be easier, right?

*So here’s the quick science lesson here which may help you understand how this works, and why the set up and steps are important. At least, this is what I *think* happens here…remember I was a math major, science isn’t really my thing!*

The tannins in the tea react with the steel wool and vinegar mix. That’s why the stronger the tea (the more tannins!) and better the reaction you will get. Make sense? The first coat, the tea, will really not do much. After it dries, you may not even be able to see a difference in the color of your wood! But the magic happens when you then apply the steel wool / vinegar mix…You will instantly see the color change!

IMPORTANT NOTE #1: Yes, you will see an instant change in color when you apply the steel wool / vinegar combo, but that’s not where the change stops. Your wood could continue to darken for an hour or two! DO NOT jump to repeating the steps until you’ve let your piece completely dry. You may find that after a few hours, you really don’t need/want that extra coat and once you put it on there, there’s no going back!

IMPORTANT NOTE #2: You don’t have to do both steps again. Maybe you put the tea on again and it darkened just enough? Don’t feel like you have to finish with a coat of the steel wool and vinegar.

IMPORTANT NOTE #3: Be careful at your corners! Really be careful anywhere the mixtures could pool or where you may accidentally get a little more, like at the edges of your pieces. Those places are really getting an extra coat, so they may be end up being darker! Don’t overload your brush and you’ll minimize the possibility of this happening!

IMPORTANT NOTE #4: If you’re like me, you’ll probably want to finish this with a coat of wax. I just use clear. Let the stain itself do the work for you. Let the wax just give it that nice polished look!

So now my little secret is out! Have fun staining away! And send me pics of your finished pieces…I’d love to see!

Nikki, In Stitches


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Happy Thanksgiving

It’s really early here (too early for two thirds of my children to be awake!) but I wanted to take a few minutes to wish each and every one of you a Happy Thanksgiving.

As many of you know, this has been a hard year for me physically, with lots of unexpected twists and turns, but when I sit down tonight with my family for dinner, I will have more to be thankful for than I ever have before…laughter and love, family and friends, health and happiness.

Enjoy your time today with all of your loved ones. Give them all an extra squeeze when you hug them for me!

Nikki, In Stitches

PS…If you have some extra time this morning, enjoying a quiet cup of coffee before the craziness of cooking dinner begins, I’ve included the Black Friday Silhouette details below. The sale is open now, so feel free to fill your cart and get some shopping done for yourself today! If you are having a screen free Thanksgiving (which I hope to start as soon as I click “Publish” on this post) and are reading this Black Friday morning, I hope you’ve had a great Turkey Day and are now enjoying all of the sales and deals you’ve been waiting for!

  1. Free shipping on orders over $50.00! (You know this is a biggie, especially if you’re ordering  machines! The shipping on them can be expensive! Just keep in mind this offer is only good for those of you in the contiguous US!)
  2. 40% off almost everything in the Silhouette America store with promo code STITCHES (I’ll be honest and tell you this is the one I’m most interested in! I’ll be stocking up on blade and mats, fabric inks, inks of my Mint, and etching sheets for my Curio!)
  3. 20% off Silhouette Design Store Subscriptions with promo code BLACK
  4. Machine bundles as low as $99.99 including: (Again use promo code STITCHES for these!)
    – Silhouette Mint for $99.99
    -Portrait and Mint TOGETHER for $189.99
    -CAMEO for $199.99
    -CAMEO and Portrait TOGETHER for $289.99
  5. There are more bundles available on the site if you look around, and again, just use promo code STITCHES to get your discounts!

The sale runs through December 4th, 2015! HAPPY SHOPPING!!!

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Silhouette Mint Giveaway!

Yes! You read that title correctly!

I’m giving away a Silhouette Mint! Woo Hoo!

It’s really easy to enter. Just leave a comment below telling me what your favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner is, note in the Rafflecopter box below that you commented, and your name is on the list! (If you’re reading this email in your inbox and the Rafflecopter app is missing, just click here to go right to the Nikki, In Stitches site!) I’ll randomly pick a winner Thanksgiving morning, and one of you will have even more to be thankful for this year!

I’ve gotten things started with a comment of my own. Scroll down to take a peek!

If you’re curious about the Mint, I’ll have a video up on my YouTube channel soon, but for now, let me give you the most important thing you need to know…It. Is. Awesome!

This little machine creates a stamp that you then mount on a block permanently. It actually carves your design into the material…there is no transferring of the stamping material like some of you may remember from the “stamping starter kit” Silhouette also sells. This very different process lets you create stamps with MUCH MORE intricate detail. The stamp that I created in that picture up there??? It’s less than an inch wide! See what I mean about the detail?

And how you ink the stamp is also VERY DIFFERENT!

You apply the ink to the stamp color by color…just spreading the color throughout the area you’d like, doing your best to not let your colors bleed into each other. (Have you ever seen those videos of people flooding cookie designs with royal icing? Think of it just like that!) By my second stamp I already had a few tricks up my sleeve for the best way to apply the ink and it was a piece of cake!

Let your stamp sit just for a few minutes so that the inks absorb into it.

Stamp away!

And by stamp away, I mean stamp away FOR REAL! I must have stamped this guy thirty times and still have not yet needed to re-ink him!

See what I mean? So awesome. This is perfect for those of you that like to stamp your kids names on the backs of their art projects before you tuck them away in your “memory box.” Or if you have your own business and like to stamp your logo on your receipts. If you have a favorite birthday cake design you use on your handmade cards. You get the idea. Any time you stamp the same thing lots of times…this is perfect for you!

So go ahead and comment below with your favorite thing on the Thanksgiving table, and your name is thrown into the hat to win a Silhouette Mint of your own!

BUT WAIT! One more thing before you comment!

Set a reminder in your phone to check back here later in the week (Thanksgiving if you’ve got time between your stuffing and pumpkin pie, or the day after if you prefer to have a “screen free” Turkey Day) because I’ll have all the details for the HUGE Silhouette Black Friday sale. I PROMISE YOU! IT’S A GOOD ONE!

But you know me…I’m THE WORST at keeping secrets! Here’s a little sneak peek at what will be waiting for you at the sale!

  • Machine bundle discounts with machines as low as $100.00
  • 50% off almost all designs in the Design Store
  • 40% off almost all supplies in our store.  (This is my favorite part! You know I’ll be stocking up on mats, blades, inks, and more!!)

Good luck to all of you in the giveaway and see you back here soon!

Nikki, In Stitches

a Rafflecopter giveaway
PS…This giveaway is open to residents in the US and Canada only. (I don’t make the rules! Silhouette sets the guidelines, and I just am lucky enough to get to spread the love!) I will email the winner Thursday, November 26th, 2015. If the winner does not reply within 48 hours, a new winner will be selected!

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Curious About The New Silhouette Curio?

Just stopping by today with a quick video.

It’s actually a snippet of last week’s Masters’ Program inside The Nikki, In Stitches Craft Academy.

For those of you with Silhouette cutting systems, and those of you considering one, whether or not to invest in a Curio seems to be a big question these days.

I know many of you are curious as to how it works, and how it compares to both the Silhouette CAMEO and Portrait.

This video gives you a peek at just a few of the difference. Trust me…it can do WAY more than just what you see in this little clip…but this will at least spark your interest!

And if you’d like to see it do even more before you make your decision on whether or not it’s a good for you and the crafts you like to make, I’ll be doing a free webinar within the next few weeks. Be sure you drop your email in the sign up box here on the site to get all the details!

Two things to note here:

  1. If you’re reading this in your in box and can’t see the video, just click here to watch it right on the Nikki, In Stitches site!
  2. If you already know this is the machine for you, you can use promo code STITCHES to get $15 off! Just click here to start shopping!


Nikki, In Stitches

** This post contains affiliate links, which means I do receive compensation if you make a purchase using my promo code and link, but you know me…I only share products with you that I absolutely LOVE and use myself!**

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How To Hem Tulle Ruffles (VIDEO Tutorial)

Lots of questions came in after my last post, asking for a close-up view of exactly how I used jewelry monofilament or fishing line in my tulle ruffles, so I thought I’d show a short video today. I demo the process twice…once from a distance showing how I have my sewing machine set up, and then again nice and close so everyone can see exactly how my sewing machine catches the wire in the hem.

Take a peek below! (If you’re reading this in your inbox and can’t see the video below, just click here to go right to the blog and watch there!)

And, I’m happy to report that the mermaid queen costume is complete (with a cape not shown above…that of course has layers, and layers, and layers of ruffles!) and I finished this year in record time…a full three days before Halloween.

For those of you still sewing, I’m sending good thoughts your way. I’ve been in your shoes…sewing straight on through until it’s time to actually put on costumes.

Hang in there.

And for all of your hard work that doesn’t get nearly enough recognition, I officially give you permission to eat all of yours kids peanut butter cups.


Nikki, In Stitches

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How To Hem Flowing Tulle Ruffles With Jewelry Wire? {A Sewing Tutorial}

As I mentioned in my last post, I am in the throes of some serious Halloween costume sewing these days. And I do mean serious.

My kitchen table is covered with yards of pink tulle that I push to the side for meals, then break back out when all the crumbs have been wiped away.

And if you’re a self taught seamstress like me, tulle could possibly be the most ‘unfun’ fabric to work with, right? It moves, it pulls, it slips and slides, (pins NEVER stay in it where you put them!!) but it’s pretty much a staple in most Halloween costumes. There’s no getting around it…especially this year, when I’ve been charged with making my five year old daughter into a mermaid queen.

I stumbled upon a great way to finish the edges of your tulle that I thought I had to share.

Not only does the finished edge help keep your tulle from fraying long after Halloween has passed and your finished work of art has found its way into your child’s dress up bin, but it also gives the edge a beautiful flow…no sharp edges or folds here!

Just waves and ripples of beautiful tulle, which really…let’s be honest.

If you’re going to spend the time (and by “time” I mean DAYS) to hand make a great costume, it should have waves and ripples…and also bring you a margarita on the rocks with salt…but hey. At this point, I’d take a room temperature cup of coffee as long as the end of this tulle was in sight.


Nikki, In Stitches


  • Tulle
  • Coordinating Thread 
  • Sewing machine and basic sewing supplies
  • Fishing line (Wait! I know! This is kind of crazy, right? But THIS is what gives the tulle the “ripples” and NOT the “folds” when you gather it! And one more thing! If you’re like me and enjoy one stop shopping, swap out the fishing line for the heaviest monofilament you can find in the jewelry department of your craft store…it will work the same way!)


  1. Fold over and pin about a 1/4″ inch hem along the edge of your tulle, being sure the fishing line or monofilament is INSIDE the hem.
  2. Use a very skinny zig zag stitch to not only hold the hem in place, but keep the fishing line encased! (If you look up at the picture at the top of the post you can see the monofilament “shining” a little bit, trapped inside the hem!)
  3. Gather your tulle just like you normally would on the unfinished edge!

Ta Da! See that? One side is gathered, but the other side has flowing rolls, NOT bunches or folds! Great tick, right? Plus it adds a little more dimension to your fabric…not a margarita, or even a cup of room temperature coffee…but dimension, just what you (and your tulle) need. (Insert sarcastic face here!)


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Countdown To Halloween Blocks {DIY}

Halloween is such a fun time in our house. It’s the start of decorating season (you know, the constant swap out of decor for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas?), sports kick into high gear for now two of my kiddos, and the yearly costume challenge begins.

The costume challenge goes something like this “Mom, could you make me look like this?” while one or more of my children point to a ridiculously expensive (and, mind you, very ornate!) costume in a magazine, I instantly start thinking of the man hours and supplies I’ll need to pull it off, and I try my hardest NOT to just say “Go get my wallet…I’ll just buy it for you.”

Every year I try to make one from scratch.

(Just one. Two would be hard. Three would be insane. So it’s just one. The others get “half homemade”…sometimes even 75%…and that seems to work. And yes, it’s usually my daughter’s because I know she’ll wear it for dress up straight on through to summer!)

And every year they challenge me more. But I do love it. These are the costumes we both will remember forever! For example, she’ll remember running through the neighborhood trick-or-treating in a sequined mermaid queen costume, complete with cape, wand, and tiara. And I’ll remember staying up until midnight, sewing, seam ripping, swearing, and “re-sewing” what seems to be endless yards of tulle.

This is what memories are made of!

So now that I think about it, I guess these “Countdown to Halloween” blocks not only are exciting for my children as they run downstairs every morning to see how many more “Nights Til We BOO!” but they are also a daily reminder for me. A reminder that I should be spending a bit more time each morning, afternoon (and probably also evening!) at my sewing machine…creating memories!

Enjoy! And if you’re anything like me, you’ll also be making  set of these for pretty much every other holiday!

Nikki, In Stitches

PS…You may have noticed you haven’t heard from me in awhile, and there a lot of reasons why…some good and some not so good. For example, a good reason is because The Nikki, In Stitches Craft Academy has taken off like crazy and it keeps me very busy. A not so good reason is I’ve had quite a few health hiccups this year, and to be honest, I’ve still got some time before I’m back to 100%. But speaking of being back, it feels good. It feels really good. And I hope you’re just as happy to see me back, as I feel to be back. Thanks for sticking around.


  • Unfinished wooden blocks, specifically two cubes and one rectangular piece both cubes will fit on top of (NOTE: While you certainly can cut these yourself, now you can find them in your local craft store!)
  • Black paint and a paint brush
  • An assortment of Halloween decorative papers
  • Decoupage medium
  • Sand paper
  • Alcohol inks and felt applicator pads
  • Number and letter stickers (As many of you can guess, I cut mine with my Silhouette from adhesive vinyl, but you can certainly stickers in your craft store that could work!)


  1. Paint your blocks black and let them completely dry.
  2. Cut your papers to be 1/4″ smaller than all of the faces they will be applied to. For example, if your blocks are 3 1/2″ cubes, cut all of the papers for the cubes 3 1/4″ square!
  3. Use your decoupage medium of choice to apply your papers to the faces of all of your wooden blocks and again, let it completely dry!
  4. I wanted to “age” these because I thought it gave them more a “Halloween” feel so I sanded mine with sand paper, being sure to “rough up” the edges of the blocks themselves, AND the edges of all of the papers! This is totally optional!
  5. And again, because I wanted these to look old and spooky, I grabbed some alcohol inks and a scrap of white felt and rubbed a little bit on the papers! This one is optional, too!
  6. Apply your letter and number stickers!

There are two important notes to make sure your countdown blocks work correctly!

NOTE 1: THE BLOCKS ARE NOT THE SAME! If you want to be able to countdown like I did from 31 sleeps, apply your stickers this way:

Block 1: 0, 1, 2, 4, 5, 6

Block 2: 0, 1, 2, 3, 7, 8

NOTE 2: You MUST pick a font where your 6 and 9 are interchangeable by just flipping your cube over!


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Five Years In The Making {A Hand Applique Love Affair}

For five years I carried this beauty with me, and while I love my daughter with all my heart, I’m actually referring to the quilt in the picture above.

I started this quilt when that precious five year old little girl was just four weeks old. Together, her and I took the last few stitches just a few days ago. It’s “her quilt” she says, which is fine by me. If one day my grandchildren wrap themselves in it the way she does, I will be a very happy woman.

And while I’m delighted that this beauty is finally complete (yes, it still needs to be quilted…I’ll send it out for that, and then bind it by hand) I find myself missing her already.

She was by my side through everything the last five years brought my way.

I was so excited to start her, even though finding the time at first was so hard…I had a newborn and a two year old I spent my days chasing after.

She’s been on vacation with me every summer, from the Jersey shore, to Disney World, even to the beaches of Mexico.

She rode with me on the train each time I (very) nervously made my to New York City to meet Martha Stewart. She also helped calm my nerves on a very long flight to Los Angeles to tape Craft Wars, and an even longer flight home having come in second place.

She sat by my grandmother’s side as I stitched and listened to my Annie tell stories I hope I’ll never forget.

She’s been there for me when I needed a distraction…a way to take my mind off my troubles.

She’s sat outside with me and enjoyed stitching in the afternoon sun. She’s wrapped around me and kept me warm as I stitched on cold winter nights.

She’s been to doctor’s appointments, soccer practice, and ballet lessons.

She’s taken long drives with me and helped keep me awake as I was my husband’s copilot.

She’s seen another beautiful baby welcomed into our family.

She’s moved from house to house to house with me…yes, she’s been around that long that she’s seen us move twice.

Every up and every down. Every high and every low.

And I know it’s crazy, but I miss her.

I’m already on the hunt for her replacement (I feel lost without a project to keep my hands busy) but she has set the bar high.

And while she’s relied on me to very slowly and carefully piece her together stitch by stitch, I’ve needed her much more over these last five years.

And I know it’s crazy, but I miss her already.

Nikki, In Stitches

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Somehow It Will All Get Done {Christmas, Crafts, and Cupcakes}

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, filled with time spent with family and friends.

If you’re like me, the excitement that began quietly filling the days leading up to Thanksgiving is now screaming and shouting…Christmas is coming faster than I sometimes think I can manage.

At times like this crafting for myself falls to the bottom of my to-do list. Instead I find myself scrambling to make all the those gifts that seemed like they’d be a simple project months ago…and now are literally keeping me up at night as I work my way through them.

I know many, many of you can relate.

What’s funny is I’ve never actually not gotten everything done. I’ve never not given someone a present because it was still in pieces on my craft table. I’ve never not decorated my house. I’ve never shown up empty handed to a party because my cookies were still baking in the oven.

Somehow we find a way to get it all done.

So this year I’m trying really hard to constantly remind myself of that.

Somehow I will get it all done.

We will have a decorated house.

I will finish everyone’s gifts and have them wrapped by Christmas.

We will bake cookies and eat them warm from the oven…even if it’s not until Christmas Eve.

And more importantly, any little things that don’t get done really aren’t that important.

What’s important is right here in front of me. I can’t miss it. I can’t miss them…my children and husband, my family and friends, and the love and laughter they surround me with every day.

Somehow all of this kind of suddenly made sense a few days ago when I saw my Cupcake Wrapper Wreath reposted on The Happiest Home. It’s a project and tutorial I made for them two winters ago, and I started by saying this:

As a stay-at-home mom / work-at-home craft blogger, crafting with my kids is what I do. In fact my job description would probably read something like this: create projects with the help of two assistants (currently ages 3 and 5), photograph said projects (afterwards, crop out smiling assistants from the background), then post project how-to’s and tutorials, while somehow keeping those same two assistants out of trouble.

Oh, and love every minute of itbecause I do.

Two things to note here:

1. I know have THREE assistants, ages 7, 5, and 16 months.

2. I still love it. I just needed to be reminded of that. 

I needed to be reminded of how lucky I am that I fill my days at work beside my children.

I’m not sure how much better my job description could get.

And especially right now, when “my assistants” are so filled with the magic of Christmas, their eyes shining with joy, their hearts and minds open to all the excitement that is coming in these next few weeks, I needed a little reminder to slow down and enjoy this.

Somehow everything will get done.

My wish to you this holiday season is this little post serves as a reminder to you, too.

Slow down and enjoy the magic.

Somehow it will all get done.


Nikki, In Stitches

PS…I hear you. Finding time to squeeze in one more craft project right now seems impossible, but if you find yourself with a few extra minutes of quiet time (or time with your “assistants” for that matter!) take a peek here at the cupcake wrapper wreath tutorial. It’s “assistant friendly”!!

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