Can You Guess What I’m Working On This Weekend?


And if anyone has suggestions for placement, please chime in! I’m really not in love withthis!

Have a great weekend everyone!

I’ll share this finished project next week!

Nikki, In Stitches

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4 Responses to Can You Guess What I’m Working On This Weekend?

  1. I’m thinking the “picture” all the way to the right needs to be moved up some?? (This is going up a flight up stairs, if that helps!)

  2. Monica says:

    Make the two bottom ones be a little further down maybe an inch or so and move the far left one out a little. Also maybe move the far right one up. idk =)

  3. brenda says:

    My symetrical eye says that the perimeter of the group needs to form its own ‘frame’ – so I would align the bottom three and switch the position of the top two and bring everything out so it has a ‘framed’ edge ..

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