Cheap Trick

Unless otherwise noted, quilts are sewn using a ¼” seam allowance.  Your sewing machine may have a setting for this, you can purchase a foot to attach to your machine that guarantees this, or, you could be like me, and make your own guide.

In my box of scrap card making papers, I found some thicker cardstock, and cut a strip about ¾” wide.  I put my acrylic ruler under the needle of my sewing machine, and slowly lowered the needle by hand, making sure it was exactly ¼” from the right edge of my ruler.  I then taped my cardstock to the base of my sewing machine, making sure the left edge of the cardstock was right up against the right edge of my ruler, and making sure not to cover the feed dogs of my sewing machine.   I now align my fabric with the left edge of the cardstock and guide it through my sewing machine, sewing a perfect ¼” seam.  The only drawback to this method is I need to take the cardstock off each time I want to get into my bobbin case, but I can live with that.  I have experimented with moving my needle position, and have even purchase a ¼” foot for my sewing machine, but still find that this easy, inexpensive alternative gets me the most accurate seams.

Now that you’ve perfected your cutting skills from my last quilting post, start sewing some of those blocks together!

Nikki, In Stitches

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