Crafting with Kids….And Cupcakes? {A Guest Post On The Happiest Mom}

Crafting with my children by my side is something I do every day. It is part of my job. And I love every minute of it! At the start though, it wasn’t that easy. Messes were made, supplies were wasted, and honestly, no one was really feeling all that creative. But things have changed so very much. It’s now a time we look forward to. And I cherish the memories we are making together.

Today I am sharing three (and a half!) tips for crafting with your kids in a guest posting on The Happiest Mom, plus a how-to for the adorable cupcake wrapper wreath pictured above. (Yup! You read that right! It is made from cupcake wrappers!)

You can click right here to go over and take a peek!

I’d love for you to stop by and see a few of the things I’ve learned along the way and maybe even use my tips while you create a cupcake wrapper wreath with your own children or grandchildren….it’s a kid friendly project!


Nikki, In Stitches

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2 Responses to Crafting with Kids….And Cupcakes? {A Guest Post On The Happiest Mom}

  1. Cindy Homan says:


    Love your stuff. I have a question about the cup cake paper wreath. I have all the stuff, however, the wreath forms I bought are too wide. You did not specify and once I got them I saw they were too round. Now if you did you the 14″ 2 1/2 inch round form, then the back will be left unadorned, or by chance did you get the smaller form, still the 14″, but the smaller dimension. If so where did you get them? I have looked everywhere.

    I am going to see my grandkids on the 27th and wanted to make a “winter wreath” with them so they can give it to their mom and other grandmother. Any suggestions??


    • Nikki says:

      I did take a look at the back of my wreath, and there is a slight gap where the cupcake wrappers don’t go all the way around. However when it’s on the wall (or in my case, resting on the mantel!) it’s not visible at all!

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