Curious About The New Silhouette Curio?

Just stopping by today with a quick video.

It’s actually a snippet of last week’s Masters’ Program inside The Nikki, In Stitches Craft Academy.

For those of you with Silhouette cutting systems, and those of you considering one, whether or not to invest in a Curio seems to be a big question these days.

I know many of you are curious as to how it works, and how it compares to both the Silhouette CAMEO and Portrait.

This video gives you a peek at just a few of the difference. Trust me…it can do WAY more than just what you see in this little clip…but this will at least spark your interest!

And if you’d like to see it do even more before you make your decision on whether or not it’s a good for you and the crafts you like to make, I’ll be doing a free webinar within the next few weeks. Be sure you drop your email in the sign up box here on the site to get all the details!

Two things to note here:

  1. If you’re reading this in your in box and can’t see the video, just click here to watch it right on the Nikki, In Stitches site!
  2. If you already know this is the machine for you, you can use promo code STITCHES to get $15 off! Just click here to start shopping!


Nikki, In Stitches

** This post contains affiliate links, which means I do receive compensation if you make a purchase using my promo code and link, but you know me…I only share products with you that I absolutely LOVE and use myself!**

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2 Responses to Curious About The New Silhouette Curio?

  1. Karen Britton says:

    Are you the Nikki that worked at Jeff’s and always had a beautiful smile?

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