Giveaway, Sale, and Tutorial {What Do These Have In Common?}

They’re all in this post!!

Be Warned!

This is a long post, jam packed with lots of goodies!

Here’s a quick breakdown, but look below for the details. You aren’t going to want to miss a single thing!


(Can you tell I’m pretty excited about it?)

2. There is a sale this month on both the PORTRAIT and the CAMEO from Silhouette, plus the Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition Software is on sale, too! (I know many of you have asked about the difference and is it worth it to upgrade…all your questions are answered below!)

3. I have a quick video tutorial for you that shows how to use the trace feature to edit designs. (It can be tricky to get the hang of, but it’s one of my favorites to use!)

See what I mean? There is so much crafty goodness packed into this post!

Like I said, details are below!

Enjoy…and good luck! I can’t wait for one of you to win a Silhouette PORTRAIT™!!!

Nikki, In Stitches

1. How can YOU win a Silhouette Portrait™?

It’s easy. Just use the Rafflecopter app below. This giveaway is open to US residents only! (If you’re viewing this post in your email or through an email reader and can’t see the Rafflecopter box, click here to be taken directly to the Nikki, In Stitches site.)

Here is exactly what the winner will receive:

  • Silhouette Portrait™ electronic cutting tool
  • Silhouette Studio® software
  • 50 exclusive cuttable designs
  • Power cable, USB cable
  • 8″ cutting mat
  • Cutting blade
  • $10 gift card to the Silhouette Online Store
  • Basic Instruction Guide

PLUS, I’m adding in my Intro To Your CAMEO class for free!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

2. What’s on sale this month from Silhouette? Why should YOU consider upgrading to the Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition Software?

As you can see from the picture above, both cutting systems are on sale this month from Silhouette. Both come bundled with the Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition Software.

The software alone is also on sale.

So…why upgrade?

Here are the specifics on the features of the designer edition software, plus my own two cents about how I use some of my faves!

    • Ability to open, manipulate, and cut .svg files (This is a biggie for me. Have you taken a peek at some of the .svg files out there? Take a look here at my favorite site for finding them and come back to me. They are so detailed. I’ve used them for centerpieces, for projects to make with my kiddos, for decorations. Most are stunning, detailed, and will take your paper crafting to a whole new level!)
    • Rhinestone tools to convert designs into rhinestone templates and create your own rhinestone designs (For those of you that like to embellish your clothing, hats, bags, etc. this will come in handy. Customizing designs and adding rhinestones to your apparel has never been easier.)
    • Sketch tools to convert designs into several styles of sketchable art
    • Creative knife tools to allow you to clip designs using different patterns
    • Enhanced eraser set to modify designs with more precision
    • Built-in ruler and guide lines for precise alignment and drawing (I didn’t know how much I’d love this simple feature until I upgraded. No more guessing or zooming in by 400% to see if your shapes are lined up exactly straight. It seems like such a little thing…I know. But it will make a big difference in how quickly and easily you create your own designs.)

Ready to start shopping?

And be sure to use promo code STITCHES to get your discount!

Remember, the following three things are on sale this month:

  •  Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition Software (MSRP $49.99) on sale for $24.99
  • Silhouette Portrait™ with  Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition Software (MSRP $249.98) on sale for $179.99
  • Silhouette Cameo® with  Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition Software (MSRP $348.98) on sale for $269.99

This offer is only good from 2/28/13 to 3/8/13! 

Click here to start shopping!

3. Are YOU ready to learn how to use one of my favorite tricks…the trace feature?

Take a peek at the video below where I walk you through step-by-step how to take just a piece of a picture you can find online for free (in this case, the thumbprint heart shown above), and turn it into a design element of your own using the trace feature.

(Can’t see the video? Click here to be taken right to the Nikki, In Stitches site and watch it there!)

PS…For another project using the trace feature, take a peek at my garden markers here. With warm weather (hopefully) around the corner, it’s perfect timing to start prepping for planting!

PPS…Feel free to share all the goodies in this post! By email, Twitter, Facebook…where ever! The more the merrier! XOXO

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83 Responses to Giveaway, Sale, and Tutorial {What Do These Have In Common?}

  1. Heather Stanley says:

    I have not used one of these but I so would love to!! The first thing I’d make is b-day invites for my babies b-day comming right up!!!

  2. Josie says:

    Eeekkk, I would love a cameo, I’ve been wishing for one for so long! Thank you for the opportunity.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I’d absolutely love a Silhouette machine! Then I could take your online classes with all the cool kids! : )

  4. I have not used it but seems to have so many features that I would love to incorporate. Would make my party giving easier for sure.

  5. Tammy says:

    I would love to win this. I would use it for, ahem, business & only a little at home 🙂
    I ADORE your a wooden spoons, soo beyond adorable. My garden needs those!

  6. Debra Fike says:

    I LOVE Nikki in Stitches and the Silhouette machine!! Would love to have a Portrait. The flexibility and many, many uses for the machine are awesome!!

  7. Meg Karetny says:

    Since I just moved, my head is spinning with new home decor ideas I’ve seen on the Silhouette pages & of course all over Pinterest. Thanks for the chance to win Nikki 🙂

  8. Nikki says:

    I am so excited for one of you to win this!!
    Good luck to all of you!
    You just have to promise to send pics of whatever you make first!

    • Sara says:

      I have not used the Silhouette but I have seen a demo and have wanted one ever since. It cut like butter and the first thing I would do if I won was cut some intricate flourishes just to see what she could do 🙂

  9. I would LOVE to win this amazing machine – I have an old diecut machine that makes horrible noises and I’m afraid to use anymore! Thank you for the chance, the great give-a-way and mostly for all your INSPIRATION!! ~ Sherri

  10. Kate says:

    I would love to make some personalized thank you notes!

  11. Amy says:

    OMG! I would love to win this. I can think of so many things that I would like to use this for. My friend has a Cameo and loves hers. I need to save up and get one if I don’t win this.

  12. mairin says:

    I have only used my Cameo since taking Nikki’s Intro to Cameo class!!! I used it to cut vinyl and heat transfer so far. I would love to win a portrait for a dear friend of mine who is so incredibly artistic and wants one but with three little girls can’t take on the expense right now.

  13. Donna Ware says:

    What an awesome giveaway! Thank you so much!

  14. Robin says:

    I would love to win one of these. I could really make some really cool cards with this and then some. There are some many things you could do with this.

    table note cards
    lable tags for craft items

    The list is endless!

  15. Tammi says:

    So excited!! I would love to have one of these!!

  16. Pam Ronan says:

    Would love to use a different cutting system, especially one that easily takes .svg files and works nicely with fabric.

  17. sue demers says:

    My creative brain has been on overdrive lately so I would love to win the Silhouette and see what crafty things I could come up with! Oh that would be sooo much fun!

  18. Theresa says:

    I would love to win this for myself or my sister’s school. I know the students (K through adult special needs) would love it. So would the Sisters (it is run by nuns)

  19. Judy says:

    I have wanted and wanted one of these machines. I make invitations and cards for my friends and family. I am so excited about all the vinyl ideas for my home and well as gift giving. There are so many things that could be done with this machine!

  20. Donna O'Neil says:

    I have a Cameo and I love being able to make my own stencils.

  21. I would LOVE to win this!! Thanks Nikki

  22. Hani Shabbir says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  23. Terrie says:

    I haven’t used an electronic cutting tool yet, but I would LOVE to! If I won the Silhouette Portrait, I would start using it to cut paper for cards, gift boxes, decorations, etc. Thank you for the great giveaway 🙂

  24. Martha Woods says:

    Cannot find the Rafflecopter place to sign up for the raffle.

    Can you send me the link? Thanks.

    • Nikki says:

      Martha, if you can’t see the rafflecopter box above, you should see a line that just says “a rafflecopter giveaway.” This is a link right to the giveaway on the rafflecopter site. You can enter there!

  25. Julianne Johnson says:

    I have one and I love it!!! My favorite is cutting vinyl and heat transfer shirts! I am trying to win on for my mom for xmas!

  26. cakolb says:

    I just purchased a Cameo and took your online class. What a great way to get started, I felt like I could jump right in and get started with it. I highly recommend the class. I made cupcake decorations galore for my granddaughter’s 1st birthday party with weekend. My daughter is so eager to get one that if I win I would pass it on to her!

  27. Vanessa B says:

    First thing Id make is Vinyl Letters/Numbers for our mailbox 🙂 Thanks!!!

  28. Marnie Pettey says:

    I have read so many great things about Silhouette Portrait! I would love to make my own cards!

  29. Pam Stephens says:

    I would SOOOO love to win this! I’ve wanted one for months! Thanks for the opportunity.

  30. Ann in PA says:

    I have never used one, and don’t own a digital die cutter of any kind. I would love to use it to make party decor and cards.

  31. Nancy L. says:

    what an awesome win this would be, the possibilities are endless

  32. Kim says:

    Have enjoyed your blog and have found some interesting things that I didn’t know. Thanks for all your effort.

  33. Candy Gritter says:

    Have a cameo and love it! Would love the size of the portrait!

  34. Sandra says:

    I would love to be the winner. Have not used the product yet but have been thinking about purchasing it.

  35. Wani says:

    I have not used one before but I know I would love it! I have pinned a whole bunch of projects that would be perfect to use the Silhouette with! I hope I win!

  36. Jamie Larsen says:

    I have used a cameo and my fav feature is that it allows you to make anything into a cut.. including fonts! If I won Id use it to make all sorts of things from wall decor, to paper crafts, to apparel thanks for the chance to win!

  37. Melissa says:

    I haven’t used a silhouette yet, but follow several Project Life scrappers who use it (Marcy Penner is my fave) and they have made me want one!! Would be so thrilled to win it, and the first thing I would make would be a huge stack of Project Life embellishments!

    Thank you Nikki for the opportunity to win!


  38. Maxine says:

    I would love the chance to have this wonderful machine to create my own projects!

  39. Julie says:

    Very exciting!! I love all your ideas. Just might need to upgrade my software 😉

  40. Robyn says:

    I love these. I am not a resident, but I have a friend that I would love to give this prize to. Does that make me eligible yet? Thanks Nikki.

  41. Patty (pgrace) says:

    I love Nikki in Stitches 🙂 the Silhoutte looks like so much fun. Imagine the possibilities….

  42. Dee Shore says:

    This is amazing! I would love to win this machine. Good luck everyone!

  43. Debe says:

    I have always been intimidated to buy one…. Would love to play and learn to master all the different uses!

  44. Jessica Butler says:

    This would be amazing for my small business. Oh the things you could do. The mind reels. Keeping my fingers crossed.
    Good luck to everyone!

  45. Kelly F. says:

    I have the SD. I love using it. I have used it for all sorts of projects. I still have yet to cut any fabric. Maybe that should be one of my next projects.

  46. Katy says:

    I would love to be able to make vinyl designs and also try out the heat transfer.

  47. Sandra says:

    I would LOVE to win one for myself! I have a bunch of vinyl I would love to use for labels.

  48. Lindsay says:

    I would love to win – I would make something with vinyl!

  49. tina says:

    Never had one but love to win.

  50. Jane Thomas says:

    Have you used a Silhouette PORTRAIT (or CAMEO) and loved it? I have never even seen this machine work.
    What was your favorite feature? From reading, I believe I would love that I could import pictures and turn them into svg files.
    Are you hoping to win one for yourself? Most definitely.
    What would be the first thing you would make? Something for my granddaughter’s wedding. Thanks for the opportunity to try and win this great machine.

  51. Theresa J says:

    I do not own any silhouette machines but I have been pinning all my favorite projects for awhile

  52. Sara Berry says:

    I’ve been seeing so many inspiring projects made with Silhouettes but I don’t own one or even know anyone who has one I could check out…I would LOVE it if I won and use it for paper crafting and scrapbooking. Thanks for the chance!

  53. Chris says:

    I would love to win the Silhouette Portrait machine. I really enjoy this website, Nikki, In Stitches, with all of its creative ideas!

  54. Carolyn says:

    Never used one but would love to learn. Have a Halloween party (animal spay/neuter group fundraiser) that I have to help decorate for. I would love to win. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  55. Kathy Ropponen says:

    I don’t have a Silhouette, but my daughter, Julianne Johnson has one and I love the things she has made. I see she entered to win one for me!! I guess the first thing I would have to make is a thank-you note for her!

  56. Lindsay says:

    Great giveaway! Thanks Nikki! I love your site and all of the creative ideas! I have been downloading the Silhouette shape of the week for a few months in hoping of getting one of these!

  57. Amanpreet says:

    I’m so excited to start scrapbooking! (I’ve never used Silhouette before)

  58. Gaby Azucena says:

    I have never used a Silhouette before, though I have seen it demonstrated. My first project would be my wedding day album. It’s been 3 years and not one photograph printed-long overdue.

  59. Tammy Valley says:

    I have never used any other die cut machine other than cricuts. It would be for myself & family & friends to share. First project would be a card. Hopefully it would expand quickly from there. 🙂

  60. Sarah B. says:

    I have never used one, but I’ve always wanted one. I really want to make some cute home decor.

  61. Trish F says:

    Hello, no I’ve never used the Cameo or the Portrait but I drool over the projects I see online. I think my favorite feature is its ability to cut vinyl and fabric. I would use this for myself and the first thing I would make is a personalized garden flag for my Dad’s grave. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  62. Jenny says:

    I would make some fun party goodies for my son’s birthday party!

  63. Jenny Lynn says:

    I have not had the pleasure to use one. We had one at my last job, but unless you had attended a class and knew how to use it, it was off limits. It would be so much fun to have one that I can actually touch and use! 🙂

  64. Jammie says:

    I have never used one, but I would love to win. I have friends with them, and I would love to make some tumblers!

  65. mindy m says:

    if I win this I would make all the party stuff for my kids parties!

  66. Elena T says:

    I have been wanting a Sillhouette and to win one would be awesome! I need to make special labels, so I’d do that first

  67. melinda says:

    I’d love to win this and make cute easter stuff

  68. Teresa Hargrave says:

    I have the Silhouette cameo but I have never used the portrait. I would love to win one though. I would make smaller projects such as cards and embellishments for my scrapbooking pages. I love your website and blog. Congrats on your upcoming new arrival to your family. Happy crafting!

  69. Zoe Lee says:

    I would make something cute for my daughter, Ana


    I am not sure , but maybe something for her third bday, a mermaid party!

  70. Pam S says:

    I’ve never used one but would love to learn. I would use it for cardmaking, but I’m sure I would eventually find other wonderful uses too!

  71. Karen M says:

    My daughter (who is not very creative) NEEDS one of these for college to decorate her dorm room!!!

  72. domestic diva says:

    I totally want one. I’d make labels for my pantry jars.

  73. Carolyn Kinsman says:

    Would so love to have one 🙂 so many uses for school and home!

  74. Kristin K says:

    I’ve never used a Silhouette before, but I would love to try one out, especially after seeing all of the cool things it can do! Thank you for the chance to win!

  75. Karen Propes says:

    I haven’t used one, but if I had one I would make some shirts for my Granddaughter, do some home decor, scrapbooking and quilting.

  76. Kay H says:

    I’ve yet to use a silhouette but I would love to! I do a lot of embroidery and they have started sending designs with .svg files and now I know why….love to try some of those out and add some decor to my home!

  77. Hanni says:

    I have not used a silhouette myself YET! I am really hoping to win one so I can finally make all those projects that I have been wanting to make but lacking the tools to do so.

  78. Ashley R says:

    I’ve never used one before… you can cry for me if you want. 🙂 I think I’d do heat transfers first! Then I’d cutely organize the world! 🙂

  79. LinhC says:

    I’ve used a silhouette at a crop and loved it! Would love to have one of my own.

  80. Jennifer says:

    I have never used one before, but I would love to make all kinds of embellishments and projects with it.

  81. Ana Marcela Herrera says:

    I have not used one of these but I so would love to!! The first thing I’d make some cards.

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