Gone Pickin’

I’ve always loved all things old, but lately I’ve been falling head over heals for all things vintage or antique.  When my hubby got wind of a barn sale going on in the city last weekend, I grabbed my purse and was waiting in the car before he finished telling me about it.

Right away I spotted this early 20th century Clark’s Thread Spool Cabinet. Could this possibly scream Nikki, In Stitches any more?

How about these adorable milk bottle carafes….not old or vintage, but still super cute.  When I spy something like this already filled with crafty goodies (like the embroidery floss shown here) how can I resist?

But, my head and my heart were not on the same page.  My heart dreams of one day filling a studio with treasures like these, but my head knows that’s way down the road…like so far down the road I can barely see that far.  And just as I was about to call it a day, I spotted these, tucked in a wooden bin on the floor, and my heart skipped a beat.

When I asked how much they cost, the sales girl politely said she would have to check on the cost of the wooden bin.  I laughed and said, “Oh the bin is beautiful, but it’s the thread I love!”  So, I skipped out of Three Potato Four with 13 spools of vintage thread (I’m not sure it’s really suitable anymore for machine sewing, but will absolutely make for stunning hand embroidery!) for a total of $8.

My head was happy that I bought sensibly, and my heart was full with this small purchase…for now.

Nikki, In Stitches

PS…If you love these items as much as I do, some are available for purchase online.

The Clark’s Thread Spool Cabinet can be found here, and the milk bottle carafes can be found here.  As far as the thread….well…I bought all they had!

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5 Responses to Gone Pickin’

  1. Really nice post and the photos are great!!

  2. Ohhh I know I know!! Those days when you come across totally unexpected vintage eye candy and your heart truly does skip a beat!!..LOOOOVE! Sadly it has been a while since I got out to my fave antiquing/junking spots. We’ve been super duper busy getting ready for fall events. Can’t complain, we super stoked! 🙂

    We will be going to an awesome Flea in CT during Art Is…You. Cannot wait!! 6am bus trip!

    Thanks for popping by the blog! yes yes! see you SOON!! ahhh!! So excited! It is gonna be BANANAS!!

    xoxo Jenny

    • Nikki says:

      OK, first..so super flattered that you stopped by my blog!
      Second…where in CT? I used to live there, and am always up for a roadtrip! Hubby and I talk about going to a big one in Brooklyn, hopefully at the end of the month, but life is crazy busy, so who knows.
      Third…YES! So excited to see you in just like four days!!!

  3. Tana Lewis says:

    The thread colors are lovely. Thanks for sharing them. Those colors just make me smile!

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