Grab Bag Surprise

Feet in the SandOver the holiday weekend I turned the big 3-0, which I was not happy about, but spent three beautiful days at the beach, my favorite place in the world to be, so it was easy for me to forget about the dreaded birthday.  I could sit with my toes in the sand for hours on end, just listening to the water, and these days, watching my adorable son play and have the time of his life.  It doesn’t get much better than that.  We did do some window shopping one afternoon, and I remembered seeing the cutest little embroidery store, Stitch by Stitch, that up until that point, I always seemed to walk by when they were closed.  Happily, my lucky had changed!


SGrab Bag 1titch by Stitch, located in Cape May, New Jersey, is jammed packed.  Every square inch is full of patterns, supplies, threads, kits, magazines…you name it.  I was slowly making my way through the isles, when a pile of fluorescent green “grab bags” grabbed my attention.  The note on the front states the value of the bag is $30, but the price is $5.  I thought it was too good to be true.  I tried to get as much info as I could out of the saleswomen, but they wouldn’t budge.  All they would tell me, was that I wouldn’t be disappointed.


Let’s just say I am considering driving the four hours back to Cape May this weekend to buy all the grab bags they have in stock!


IGrab Bag 3n my bag, I found four skeins of embroidery thread, three a heavier weight cotton, and one that is a lighter weight with more of a shimmer.  There were two small patterns for cross stitch, and one larger “Stars & Stripes” pattern that came with a mat for framing (perfect considering it was Memorial Day weekend).  An 18″ x 21″ piece of light gray aida cloth was included.  And, there was a holiday issue of At Home with Needlework magazine, and an issue of Cross-Stitch & Needlework magazine.  All of that, for $5!!!!


Now, will I use all of these things?  Maybe, maybe not, but in my opinion, I would have paid $5 for the magazines alone.  Who am I kidding?  I would have paid more than that!  I am a magazine junky! I love looking through them and blending their ideas with mine to come up with something original.  Whenever I am at a loss for a starting point on a project, my first choice for inspiration is a craft magazine.  But on top of that, the embroidery floss is great to have in my stash.  It will be perfect for handstitching that I do on my applique quilts.  The “Stars & Stripes” pattern I think I may actually make.  And I already have an idea for the aida cloth.  I saw some cute, small patterns in the holiday magazine that was included, that I think I could somehow incorporate into this year’s Christmas cards.  Oh, the wheels are turning!


And, again, all of this for $5!  I may not post now for a few days….it looks like I have a road trip coming up!




Nikki, In Stitches

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