{Happy Spring!} Silhouette Sketch Pen Simple Technique

Happy Spring, Everyone!

Ironically, as I’m typing this, we’re gearing up for 5 – 8 inches of snow here in the north east, but as you can see, I’ve got spring weather on my mind. And Silhouette is bringing you another great promotion this month to help take your spring crafting to a whole new level. The featured product this time around is their sketch pens. You’ll find the details of the sale below, along with a promo code to use, and pricing (yes, the actual cutting systems are discounted this month, too, if you buy them bundled with the sketch pens!), but first I wanted to give a quick and simple technique you can use with the sketch pens that I think you’ll love!

See that cute “Happy Spring” ribbon in my photo up top?

That’s just plain old grosgrain ribbon that I wrote on…wait for itwith my sketch pens!

Here’s how simple it is:

    • Cut the ribbon a few inches longer than needed, just to be on the safe side.
    • Put the ribbon on the cutting mat, at the very top.
    • Type “Happy Spring” in the Silhouette Design Studio Software, and resize it to fit on your ribbon. (My ribbon was 5/8″ wide, so I made my text about 1/2″ tall.) 
    • Reposition text if necessary, so that is also is at the very top of the drawing area, and will fall on the ribbon what you put it through the machine.
    • Replace the blade with a sketch pen.
    • Select Silhouette Sketch Pen in the “Silhouette Cut Settings” window.
    • Click cut!

Now remember, it’s not going to actually “cut” your ribbon. You have the sketch pen in there, so it’s going to draw your text (or even an image if you’d like!) right on your ribbon!

Pretty neat, right?

Now, a few things to note:

1. I’m not sure if this is washable. In fact, I tend to doubt it. I still need to play a bit, but for now, I’m sticking to using this technique in projects I know won’t need to be laundered.

2. I used grosgrain ribbon in my project above. Surprisingly, the grooves of the ribbon didn’t effect the clearness of the text. I’m sure there are some ribbons that will work better than others. If any of you decide to play a bit, and find some that work really well (or find ribbons that don’t work well and we should avoid), please share with the rest of us!

3. Just as in the note above, there certainly are combinations of ribbons and sketch pens that work best. Light colored ribbon and dark colored sketch pens are probably best. I’m not sure if a light colored sketch pen will show up on a dark colored ribbon.

4. If we can write on our ribbon with the sketch pens….why wouldn’t we be able to write on fabric with them? That’s what I’m playing with next!

So, if this little trick has got your crafty wheels turning, take a peek at the sale details below. Like I said at the beginning of this post, you’ll find a sketch pen started kit on sale (that contains 24 pens!), plus the pens bundled with the cutting systems.

If you already have a cutting system, you can pick up the sketch pen starter kit  (MSRP $19.99) for just $12.99.

The kit includes 24 assorted sketch pens:

  • Regular — black (2), white, lavender, red, light blue, blue
  • Neon — pink, orange, green, yellow
  • Glitter — magenta, gold, bronze, peach
  • Metallic — plum, lavender, maroon, navy, light blue, green, charcoal, grey, copper

If you’d like jump into the cutting system fun, you can get a Silhouette Portrait™ plus the sketch pen starter kit (MSRP 219.98) for $139.99.

The Portrait™ bundle includes:

  • Silhouette Portrait™ electronic cutting tool
  • Silhouette Studio® software for Windows XP and higher, and Mac® OS X 10.6.8 and higher
  • 51 exclusive cuttable designs
  • Power cable, USB cable
  • 8″ cutting mat
  • Cutting blade
  • $10 gift card to the Silhouette Online Store
  • Basic Instruction Guide
  • Sketch Pen Starter Kit (includes the 24 sketch pens described above)

Think you need a larger cutting system? You can get a Silhouette CAMEO® plus the sketch pen starter kit (MSRP 319.98) for $269.99.

The CAMEO® bundle includes:

  • Silhouette CAMEO® electronic cutting too
  • Power cable/AC adapter
  • USB cable
  • Silhouette Studio® software
  • $10 download card
  • 12″ x 12″ cutting mat
  • Silhouette blade
  • Basic Instruction Guide
  • CAMEO instructional DVD
  • Sketch Pen Starter Kit (includes the 24 sketch pens described above)

Ready to start shopping?

And be sure to use promo code STITCHES to get your discount!

This offer is only good from 3/26/13 to 3/31/13! 

Happy Shopping!

Nikki, In Stitches



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3 Responses to {Happy Spring!} Silhouette Sketch Pen Simple Technique

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  2. Lucie Hale says:

    Hi Nikki,
    If I were to sketch a real intricate design on paper using the sketch pens, can I then go and cut around the sketch without having the machine cut on all the sketch lines in the middle?

  3. Nikki says:

    Hi Lucie!
    I’m pretty sure we have you covered with this question over at The Craft Academy, but if not, let me know!

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