Hello world!

A life measured in yards, skeins and spools

Coming Soon

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One Response to Hello world!

  1. Nina says:

    Nikki, I looked forward to returning home to see your website. You are amazing! I loved the bracelet, and will copy the instructions should I ever get some spare time.

    I will be looking through the house for sweaters, and asking friends to do the same. I will also see if anyone wants to sew, or at least send the sweaters to you, or Uncle Dan can give them to your Dad at golf to give to you.

    The article about Annie was just wonderful, and brought tears to my eyes. Hopefully my granddaughter will have such love for me.

    It was so special to spend time with all of you this weekend. Hopefully we will see more of you guys. Give Joey a kiss for us.

    Love Aunt Nina

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