How To Create Perfectly Glittered Designs Every Time! {Plus A Silhouette Portrait™ Giveaway!}

A short and sweet post today featuring lots of goodies (and a giveaway!!), but most importantly, my trick to getting perfectly glittered designs…every time!

1. My secret to perfect glitter is….

Many of you know that glitter is not my friend.

In fact, I am the self-proclaimed “world’s worst glitterer.”

I usually get more glitter in my hair and on my worktable, than I do on my project, and after all the frustration I put myself through, it still doesn’t look that good!

Enter the double sided adhesive from Silhouette, and problem solved.

Below you’ll find a quick clip of me demonstrating exactly how easy it is to use and how perfectly your glittered designs come out…every time. (PS…If the double sided adhesive has sparked your interest, be sure to scroll down to #2 on this list. You’ll find a discount code there waiting for you!)

(If you’re reading this post through your inbox and can’t see the video above, click here to be taken right to the Nikki, In Stitches site!)

Note: The video clip above was taken from my Intro To Your CAMEO Online Class. (That’s why you see me talking to people that are off screen….those were questions posted in the chat by students attending the online class!) We discussed a lot of the basics to getting started with the Silhouette Design Studio software, like drawing basic geometric shapes, replicating and mirroring them, welding letters to make monograms, and tracing images you can find online. If you’d like to see more of class, click here!

2. 30% Off All Specialty Media from Silhouette

Yup! You read that right! All specialty media from Silhouette is 30% off this week. So, if you’re a Silhouette owner, now is a great time to stock up on supplies for all of your holiday projects!

If you’ve been thinking of jumping into the Silhouette fun, now is also a great time for you to dive right in. The bundle packages this month are a steal! Take a look at all the goodies you will get with your machine!

*A Silhouette CAMEO® PLUS all of the specialty media listed below on sale for $269.99 (MSRP: $383.90 = Savings of over $120!)
·         1 cardstock essentials pack (new product)
·         1 pack printable adhesive kraft paper (new product)
·         1 pack printable clear sticker paper
·         1 pack temporary tattoo paper
·         1 pack printable cotton canvas (new product)
·         1 pack chipboard
·         1 pack printable silver foil
·         1 pack printable magnet paper
·         1 pack double-sided adhesive

*A Silhouette Portrait™ PLUS all of the specialty media listed below on sale for $129.99 (MSRP $263.90 = Savings of over $110!)
·         1 cardstock essentials pack (new product)
·         1 pack printable adhesive kraft paper (new product)
·         1 pack printable clear sticker paper
·         1 pack temporary tattoo paper
·         1 pack printable cotton canvas (new product)
·         1 pack chipboard
·         1 pack printable silver foil
·         1 pack printable magnet paper
·         1 pack double-sided adhesive

*And of course 30% off on all specialty media, which includes:
·         Cardstock essentials pack (new product)
·         Printable adhesive kraft paper (new product)
·         Printable clear sticker paper
·         Temporary tattoo paper
·         Printable cotton canvas (new product)
·         Chipboard
·         Printable silver foil
·         Printable magnet paper
·         Double-sided adhesive

See what I mean? LOTS of great deals this month!

Ready to start shopping?

Click here to head on over to the Silhouette site and start adding these goodies to your cart!

And be sure to use promo code STITCHES to get your supplies for a steal!!

Hurry! This sale only lasts from 10/15/13 to 10/24/13!

3. Didn’t someone say giveaway???

Yes, I did!!

As always, all of you get so excited when Silhouette gives me a Portrait to giveaway, and because of your amazing responses each time…they’ve given me another one! Woo Hoo!!

Entry is always easy! Just use the Rafflecopter box below! (If you’re reading this post through your inbox and can’t see the Rafflecopter box below, click here to be taken right to the Nikki, In Stitches site!) Good luck!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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93 Responses to How To Create Perfectly Glittered Designs Every Time! {Plus A Silhouette Portrait™ Giveaway!}

  1. Laura says:

    I didn’t realize there are so many things you can do with the Silhouette…it’s just never ending.

  2. Sandy says:

    Love glitter. I recently started making the glitter ornaments and it is so much fun!

  3. I love anything glitter – it adds dimension beyond the seen, into the imaginary!!

  4. Erica says:

    Love it because I like the sparkle. =)

  5. Kate Spears says:

    I love glitter! Sometimes messy though!

  6. Laura Southerland says:

    I love glitter because it’s pretty.

  7. Theresa Suseland says:

    I LOVE anything glittery! It is messy – but its one of my all time favorites!

  8. sue says:

    I love glitter!

  9. Nancy Moreno says:

    Nikki you must be my glitter twin! Love glitter, but I cannot seem to make anything without a significant amount on myself, my table, my dog, my grandbabies……

  10. Nicole Johns says:

    Love Glitter, I seem to get more on myself and everywhere else than on the project!

  11. Rose Powell says:

    I LOVE things that glitter and sparkle, when in doubt, add glitter, it makes EVERYTHING better!

  12. Meg Karetny says:

    Love it! I don’t work with it often, but I think it is fun to sparkle through crafting too 🙂

  13. Love it! Don’t use it nearly enough though.

  14. Anne Haun says:

    Love glitter because of the sparkle it adds to my projects.

  15. Terrie says:

    I love glitter! I really like the quick project you shared with double sided adhesive; looks great! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  16. Julie says:

    I love glitter! It makes everything so pretty 🙂

  17. Jean says:

    I love anything bright and shiny and purple. So glitter makes anything better!!!!

  18. Carrie says:

    I love glitter. It make severything look sparkly and festive!

  19. Raychel Wishart says:

    Starting to love glitter! I used to not be a fan. Especially of the mess. I’m using it a lot for a 1st birthday for my daughter and these products would make it so less scary! Thanks for the opportunity!

  20. Naomi Armenta says:

    This machine is amazing…

  21. Big lover of glitter. The more the better.

  22. Jessica Dobbs says:

    LOVE glitter; it’s super girly and glitzy. The more the better… even though it hangs out in your house for months after use lol

  23. Angela Y says:

    I love glitter! So sparkly and cute!

  24. Kathie Craig says:

    I love glitter because it gives projects pizazz

  25. Anny says:

    I love to use really fine glitter in my projects, clay, resin, paper…

  26. Karen says:

    Love Love Love GLITTER!

  27. Ann in PA says:

    Whats not to like about glitter?? I use it whenever and where ever I can.

  28. Danielle says:

    Glitter is the best. If only it wasn’t so messy!

  29. I love glitter! As a matter of fact, I am adding glitter to my BOO! door hanger I made earlier this month as I type this!

    Check it out at my blog, I’d Pin That!


  30. Val says:

    Want one! 🙂

  31. kasia says:

    love it ! it is sparkly !!!!!!

  32. Lauren h says:

    It’s amazing what this machine can do!

  33. Sally Sullivan says:

    Love Glitter it is so fun and sparkly

  34. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for the giveaway and the video! Love the glitter!

  35. Shannon Chomanczuk says:

    Love glitter! I am a nail artist and i use glitter almost everyday.

  36. Nicole Murray says:

    I like glitter, in theory! I tend to stay away from it in my crafting. Using the double sided adhesive paper is a brilliant idea that i’d definitely like to try! Fingers crossed I can win this time. 😉

  37. Denise Luscan says:

    Honestly…I am not into glitter. It just gets everywhere and I can’t work with it. I even cringe if I pick up a glitter greeting card because I know I will have a sparkly face soon!

  38. Christine says:

    Love it! How can you have a 3 year old daughter and not love it 🙂

  39. Cindy A says:

    Like glitter but not the mess. Would love the silhouette.

  40. Tracy Maring says:

    Love glitter for the extra dazzle bling 🙂

  41. mickey wiseman says:

    I love glitter, but glitter does not love me !!! It always get’s everywhere when i use it.

  42. Kristin K says:

    I love the look of glitter, but hate the clean-up!

  43. Jaime Grant-Smith says:

    I totally luv anything that sparkles!! Even the “mess” glitter makes is pretty! 😉

  44. Theresa says:

    I love glitter!!! I don’t mind it getting all over—just makes everything more sparkly!

  45. Abigail says:

    LOVE glitter! makes all projects happier looking!

  46. Elena T says:

    Love sparkly things, and I love glitter! The double sided adhesive sounds like a great tool to make some fun stuff

  47. Amanpreet Kaur says:

    Love glitter (until I have to work with it) 🙂

  48. Jaime Grant-Smith says:

    I still love glitter but it does make one heck of a mess! Can’t wait to try glittering with my new Sillhouette. (Hint hint) 😉

  49. Kim Olson says:

    Love glitter. the more sparkle the better

  50. Jessica Wyatt says:

    I LOVE glitter, but I hate that it’s so hard to clean up! That’s why I prefer glitter HTV…no messy clean up! 😛

  51. Stacy Francis says:

    Love glitter, hate the mess, love your suggestions 🙂

  52. Caroline says:

    I love the look of glitter. And, until recently, I didn’t even care about the mess. But now that I own my own house, with my own carpet, and my own dogs that love to get into everything, the mess of glitter can be overwhelming. Your suggestions will be tried. 🙂

  53. judyth says:

    I think the Silhouette is AMAZING!!!! My daughter has one and I have seen her creativeness BLOOM Beyond Belief with the Silhouette. I think THIS creative person NEEDS one!!! I will have to start saving up for one –I can think of SO many ways I need to use it!!! Everyone should have one!!!

  54. Judyth says:

    Glitter is like the icing on the cake. It is the finishing touch… A project just wouldn’t be complete without it!

  55. Jennifer R. says:

    I LOVE GLITTER!!! It must be the girly side of me (which is a very smart part), but I do like to see sparkly things 🙂

  56. sue byers says:

    Would love to win this. And love glitter

  57. Sarah says:

    I can’t wait to try the Silhouette!!!

  58. Julie E says:

    There are SO many possibilities with this machine! Thanks for the tutorials! My favorite part is that you can create your own designs. And the hours it would save over using my X-acto blade.

  59. Nichole says:

    Dislike glitter… it just gets all over EVERYTHING.
    Would LOVE to win the Silhouette Portrait machine however! 🙂

  60. ellen casper says:

    Hate it – it never stays on!

  61. heather hudson says:

    Just love glitter and playing, in a house full of guys keeps you sane ! 🙂

  62. Elaine Weaver says:

    Love glitter! Everyone needs some sparkle in their life!

  63. Rachelle says:

    Glitter…love the look. HATE the mess!

  64. Nora K says:

    LOVE glitter! It brightens up anything!!

  65. debe says:

    I like glitter for Christmas, a good time for sparkly. I, do find it gets everywhere so tend to shy away from it!

  66. Jaime Grant-Smith says:

    I still love working & playing with glitter way more than I hate the little specks of glitter that randomly appear two weeks later. 🙂 I really really want a Silhouette! I’d rather win this one than have to ask Santa for it! 😉

  67. Analisa M. says:

    Whats not to like about glitter?!

  68. Ellen b says:

    I LOVE glitter and it must be hereditary because my daughter does too. Its just so pretty!

  69. Vanessa B says:

    LOVE Glitter…hate the mess, LOL! Thank You!!!

  70. Joni R says:

    LOVE glitter! Love the sparkles!

  71. katie behrends says:

    Yummy glitter

  72. Lindsay R says:

    I love my Silhouette stuff and can’t wait to try the new products

  73. Mary says:

    I have 2 daughters – we LOVE glitter! 😀

  74. Debbie Sanford says:

    Love using glitter to highlight a project and give it that extra special look, even though it can get a little messy 😉

  75. Margaret K says:

    Total love/hate relationship with glitter. Love the sparkle, hate the mess. 🙂

  76. Amy B says:

    I used to teach first grade and often did crafts with the children for holidays. One student teacher feeling a bit overwhelmed once told me that “everyday is a glitter day in First Grade” Amen! I love glitter!

  77. Tammy says:

    I love the glitter!

  78. Andie d says:

    Love glitter…hate to clean it up!

  79. Breanna says:

    I love glitter because it adds a little something to just about anything 🙂

  80. Donna Payne says:

    I would love to win one of these machines! I started volunteering at my grandson’s kindergarten class and this would be a great tool to help me with all the cutting I do for his teacher. Great giveaway!

  81. Monica Gardea says:

    I love glitter and I love the amazing projects you can do with it but I don’t like the mess or that it stays on you or your clothes or things forever! It’s just very messy and hard to get off.
    (By the way, on my giveaway entry, I entered the wrong Twitter name when asked if I follow Silhouette. I do already follow Silhouette but I don’t know how to fix that entry on Rafflecopter. I hope I’m still considered. Thanks!)

  82. Debbie Painter says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!! I have always been a “Sparkle & Shine” kind of girl!! Thanks so much for the chance!!

  83. Darlene Hutchens says:

    Hate!! I have a 5 and 8 year old, and honestly do not have glitter in the house… in your demo it looks like such fun though! maybe….

  84. Sonia M says:

    I love glitter but not the mess that it seems to always make! Thanks for the chance.

  85. Is there a middle? Love the look but hate the mess! : )

  86. Mindy says:

    I love the look of glitter but I hate using it because it gets everywhere and I am cleaning it up for weeks after.

  87. Jewel Rule says:

    Love Glitter. You can never have enough sparkles.

  88. Amber says:

    I know it can be messy, but I’m a glitter addict…the more the better! 😉

  89. Judy Williams says:

    I love glitter. I an trying to learn all that I can about all the things out there nto do.

  90. SaraD says:

    Love/Hate Relationship with glitter…love it on projects-hate carrying around remnants of said project on face, in hair etc for the next few days!

  91. Sar Tann says:

    I love glitter! It makes everything so sparkly and magical and everyone needs a little bit of that in their lives. 🙂

  92. Sue B says:

    I do love glitter. I am not a ‘lay down and die without it’ kind of girl but I like sparkly things and it is just so much more fun with glitter.

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