I’m In Love!

I know…it’s only June, but those of you that know me know that I start thinking of next year’s Christmas, gifts, decorations, etc, Dec. 26th.  I’ve been restraining myself from showing you all of the great ideas I have for handmade gift, but I just couldn’t keep quiet about this project any longer.

I originally saw this quilt on Cactus Needle Quilts (one of my favorite blogs and one that I would recommend to everyone interested in quilting).  (The picture here is taken of a picture of the finished quilt, so the quality is not great.  Trust me.  It is even more amazing in person!)  It was spotted in a shop called The Olde World Quilt Shoppe, which, ironically is in Phoenix, the city I moved from just months ago.  How could I have lived there for three years and missed this gem?  I immediately fell in love, however, I had a slight problem…the applique.

I’ve machine appliqued many, many quilts.  It’s one of my favorite techniques for embellishing my baby quilts.  I knew, though, that this quilt could really use hand applique, and that was unchartered territory for me.  I also wanted a project that could travel with me, and even though appliqueing this quilt by hand would take longer than if I machine appliqued it, I knew it would be worth the extra time invested.

Merry Christmas BOM - MLuckily, the owner, Lisa, of my favorite quilt shop, Lisa’s Clover Hill Quilts (Berlin, CT), is an applique expert and gave me the best lesson I ever could have asked for.  Not only did she show me the ropes, but also introduced me to other talented quilters in my neighborhood.  I have just finished my first block, the “M” in Merry Christmas.  It is still missing the embellishments, buttons and beads (those will be added after it is quilted), but pretty good for a first timer, right?

Merry Christmas BOMSo, what can I say…I’m in love with hand applique.  I love that I can squeeze in a little work here and there throughout the day whenever I get a few minutes of free time.  How could this project get any better?  It’s a Block of the Month!  Yup, not only does each letter come with all the fabrics and directions, but you can also get an embellishment kit and a thread kit that will supply you with everything you need to complete the quilt.  Interested?  The Olde World Quilt Shoppe is the place to find it!  (Just a note, I’m in no way affiliated with The Olde World Quilt Shoppe.  They are just really nice, and have great taste in quilts, so I thought I’d rave about them!)


Nikki, In Stitches

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9 Responses to I’m In Love!

  1. Nedra- Cactus Needle says:

    Hi Nikki,
    You did such a great job! Especially for your first time to hand applique. You really started with a difficult project, and I’m impressed. (My first applique is quite embarrasing!)
    Thanks for the plug.
    I will be returning to Phoenix on Wednesday and I will be heading to The Olde World Quilt Shop. I’ll make sure they are aware of your blog and your kind words.
    Thanks again,

    • nikkiinstitches says:

      Thanks, Nedra!
      You deserve the plug! If I hadn’t seen your post, I would never have attempted hand applique!
      Please tell everyone at The Old World Quilt Shoppe I said thanks again and enjoy your trip!

  2. sarah sample says:


    you are oh so talented. sarah showed me your website and I love it. I am just attempting my first quilt and I love the projects you have listed on your sight. hope you and your little one are great. xo
    sarah sample mcdonald

    • nikkiinstitches says:

      Thanks, Sarah!
      You’re quite talented yourself. Sarah has me following your blog, too! Good luck on the quilt. Keep me posted and I’d love to see pics!

  3. Wow. Hard to believe that is your first time with hand appliqué. That’s quite an ambitious project to take on. The results are lovely, though. Out of curiosity, when you talk about hand appliqué, what particular technique are you referring to? It seems to me that most people go for needleturn, which I actually find hard to do. I myself tend to go the freezer paper way, and even then combine methods. Just curious, because your results are really good. I’ve been doing appliqué for a long time now, and I’m impressed. (:

    • Angie,
      Thanks so much for your compliments on my appliqué skills. I got very lucky when I decided to jump into it. A lot of pieces fell into place for me. I saw this quilt, fell in love, and bought it before ever attempting hand appliqué. As soon as it arrived, I ran to my quilt shop, pretty much begging for help. The next night happened to be open sew, and the shop owner had time to sit down with me and really work with me. That night, there also happened to be three or four other hand appliquers there, and all of them helped with my lesson. I learned something from every one of them, and my technique is really a blend of all of their tips and tricks.
      I needle turn my pieces. I use freezer paper on the right side of my fabric, and then use that pencil line as my guide. I also use a special fabric glue to baste my pieces to my background and keep them moving as I sew.
      I will say, I started hand sewing at a very young age, and I think that definitely has helped. I know that hand sewing is tedious, that it takes a lot of time, and that you can’t be lazy…every stitch counts. All of these apply to appliqué as well, and keeping all of that in mind as you work, helps set the tone for success!!
      Again, thanks so much for your kind words! I am so hooked on this…I already have my next quilt ready to start…a Baltimore style Halloween quilt. I’ll be sure to post pics!!

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  5. Laurel Ankerstein says:

    I love the BOM Christmas quilt. Do you know where I can srtill buy the pattern? Would you be interested in selling yours? Thanks, Laurel

    • Nikki says:

      I am so very, very flattered that you love my quilt so much. I put so much love and care into it, and treasure it so very much, I couldn’t even think of parting with it. But again, I am so flattered that you would even consider buying it from me.
      You can purchase the pattern directly from the designer, Daisy and Dell, here. I was lucky enough to get the patterns as part of a kit, with fabrics included, through a quilt shop. Pat Bruce (the amazing talent behind Daisy and Dell) may be able to direct you to shops that are still selling kits. Unfortunately, I looked on the site of the shop where I purchased it, and I no longer see it listed. If you need more help finding it, just let me know!
      Thanks again and let me know how it goes!!

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