Knit Graffiti

What do you think when you see this picture?

I instantly had a vision of little old ladies knitting in dark closets, keeping their projects hidden from sight.  I then pictured them running through the streets at night (well, running as fast as little old ladies can), quickly putting their scarves and mittens on statues, always looking over their shoulders, hoping not to get caught!

In reality, my vivid imagination is quite far from the truth.  Knit Graffiti is on the rise, and seems to be welcomed in most neighborhoods.  The picture here is the work of The Warm and Fuzzies,  a group in the DC area, where there certainly are an abundance of  “yarn bombing” opportunities.  Take a look here at all the images that can be found by googling “knit graffiti.”  It seems like anything and everything can somehow be covered.  And next time you see a quiet, little old lady peacefully knitting, you may want to think twice…she could be found tagging in your neighborhood later that night!

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2 Responses to Knit Graffiti

  1. Janet says:

    Those little hats and scarves are adorable! This makes me want to learn to knit immediately!

  2. Emmy says:

    I love this! Urban/folk art.

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