Lend a Helping Hand Update

Sweater Pile as of 5-25-09As you can see, my friends and family have more than exceeded my expectations, and have already started sending me their old sweaters.  I can not say thank you enough for all of your support.  Your responses have been so positive and have helped just fuel my excitement for this project.  I know I am truly blessed to have such giving, caring friends like all of you.

This pile of sweaters is now working its way through my washer and dryer, after which it will be sorted, then turned into mittens to recycled-sweater-mittensdonate to homeless shelters this winter.  If you missed my earlier post detailing my goals for this project, please see my Lend a Helping Hand post.  You can contact me via email or by commenting if you’d like to be involved.  I plan on collecting sweaters over the next few months, and then donating all of the mittens when the cold weather comes back around, so if you aren’t sure if you’re ready to get rid of that favorite sweater of yours that you’ve been hanging onto way longer than you probably should have, you have plenty of time to make your decision.  I’ll be accepting sweaters on an open basis, so whenever you’re ready to say your final goodbye, I’ll be ready to turn your sweater into adorable mittens and make sure they find a good home!  If you are interested in making your own mittens, my post titled New Life for Old Sweaters links to the directions.

Thank you again,

Nikki, In Stitches


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