Lessons Learned

The first time my rotary cutter touched the fabric, I knew something wasn’t right.  In fact, as I was reading over the pattern while my fabric was still tumbling in the dryer, things just weren’t making sense in my head.  That should have been enough, but no, I kept going.  And a few hours later, I knew I had made a big mistake.

I should have gotten the hint when Lisa, my quilting guru, questioned, “Do you know how to use this?” in reference to the triangular ruler I purchased along with the fabric and pattern for American Jane’s Let’s Go quilt.  In my head, I was thinking, “Do I know how to use this?  It’s a ruler…how hard could it be?  I was a math teacher in a past life.  I’ve taught my students to use them.  I can certainly handle this one.”  So, I just shook my head and politely added an “Oh, yeah.  I’ll be fine.”  Famous last words.

So, I guess there was some confusion about cutting a 2 1/2″ equilateral triangle.  In my head I thought that should be the cut size, but the pattern meant for it to be the finished size.  Something along those lines.  Honestly, the more I go back and try to understand whatever logic I was using, the more I just confuse myself.  Bottom line, I made two of these quilts.  One that I will actually give to the little one it was intended for, and another that will go into the pile to be later used as “leaders and enders” (post on that topic coming soon).  And in the end, I made my way back to my quilt shop, tail between my legs, asking for help.

As I sat handsewing the binding to this quilt yesterday afternoon, enjoying a thunderstorm while my kiddos were both sleeping, the little one who will soon enjoy tummy time on this quilt, made his grand entrance into this world.  Welcome Baby!  And congratulations to Mommy, Daddy, and Big Sister!  Let this be a small lesson to you.  Always trust your gut, and never be afraid to ask for help.


Nikki, In Stitches

Added Later:  Want to see what happened to my first go around with this quilt?  Check out these great notecards!  What Happens When A Quilt Goes Terribly Wrong?

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3 Responses to Lessons Learned

  1. jewlbal3 says:

    Such a clever design! What an adorable baby quilt — love your fabric choices!

    Congratulations to the parents of new baby! And I’m sure that the little one will enjoy exploring all the fun colors on this quilt!

    • Nikki, In Stitches says:

      Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, and for your compliments on my baby quilt. It’s funny…I went into the quilt shop with a mocha and blue modern looking geometric quilt in my head and came out with the complete opposite…but I love it and wouldn’t change a thing!
      Your blog is great, too. You and your family…all so, so talented!

  2. Chris says:

    How cool it that?!! I think that your design and fabric choices are wonderful and will be appealing to a child – Very nice job…..You are right that we all need to trust “our gut”…and let our talents sparkle….Wonderful lesson learned…!

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