My Bags Are Packed…

My bags are packed…

I’m leaving for a much needed vacation…

And the most important thing I’m bringing with me…

My knitting bag!

I’m spoiling myself on this trip, and I’m actually going to knit something for me!  I instantly fell in love with the patterns in the Spring/Summer issue of Debbie Bliss Magazine, and when I tried to think back to the last time I made myself something, and couldn’t, gobbling up all the necessary yarn and notions was a no brainer!  I also think I’m going to experiment with continental knitting with this project.  (I am currently a “thrower.”)  Not only will the project knit up much faster, but I tend to knit very tightly, and I’ve been told that by knitting continentally (did I just create that word??), I will loosen up a bit!

So, for the next ten days, you will find me at the beach, toes in the sand, knitting in hand.  I won’t be blogging, but I just can’t resist Tweeting!!

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Nikki, In Stitches

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4 Responses to My Bags Are Packed…

  1. Michele Dubois says:

    Hi Nikki,

    I’m 56 years old and have been knitting since I was about 8 or 9 and I have never heard the term “continental” knitting. What is that?

    Hope you have a great holiday,

    • Nikki, In Stitches says:

      Michele! It sounds like we have our next “Ask Nikki” topic!
      When someone knits “continental,” they hold their yarn in their left hand. There is no “throwing” of the yarn around your right needle after you insert as if to knit or purl. Because there is no throwing, you tend to knit much quicker.
      I’ll be on vacation all of next week, but I’ll put up a video tutorial as soon as I get back!

  2. Chris says:


    I would love to see the video tutorial too – but first enjoy your vacation at the beach!! Fill your vacation days with your favorite things…….

    Have fun!

  3. Annmaree says:

    enjoy your vacation!!!!

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