My Secret Love Affair

My little brother is tying the knot in a few months. rehearsal-dinner-invitations_editedI couldn’t be happier for him, but that, coupled with the fact that I am turning thirty this year, is making me feel very old.  Of course, I offer my craft talents wherever possible, and have just finished these rehearsal dinner invitations. 


These are loosely taken from cards I found in Paper Crafts Magazine.  (Thank you, again, St. Valentine!)  I added in my new favorite technique of sewing on paper.  Any questions, just ask!  And this brings me to the real topic of this post…my secret love affair with craft magazines!


My philosophy on magazines is as follows:  Where else can you find such a wide variety of contemporary techniques for such a low price?  Take, for example, Paper Crafts.  In their March/April issue, multiple cards are provided for a range of categories from babies, to brides, to butterflies.  Directions are provided for each, along with supply lists and a resource directory.  Not all of the cards and techniques appeal to me, but a few stand out, and from there I put my own twist on them.  If some techniques really intrigue me, I will then research those techniques online or buy a book with more explicit directions.  Books usually do not provide such a wide variety of techniques, and they certainly are more expensive than magazines.  For the price of one book I can get a quilting magazine, a card making magazine, and then maybe a gossip magazine, too!


If you are anything like me, you will now run out to your bookstore and stock up on a variety of craft magazines, covering a wide range of mediums, and then, hide them in the closet of your craftroom so your husband doesn’t complain about the obscene amount of mags you are hoarding, claiming yes, you really do need all of them!


Nikki, In Stitches

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One Response to My Secret Love Affair

  1. Emmy says:

    The card is beautiful! I have a non-related crafty kind of question. I have a favorite cashmere sweater that has fallen victim to a moth hole or something. Any ideas on a reinvention of this sweater?

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