Pick Your Plum Giveaway!

Who doesn’t love a box full of crafty goodies delivered right to their door?

Pick Your Plum is giving one lucky Nikki, In Stitches reader a $50 Plum Box filled with surprises from crafting supplies to fashion accessories, from baking goodies to home decor swag…there is something in there for everyone!

Part of the fun is that I have no idea what’s in the goodie box, but I can tell you now, I’m already jealous of the winner!Β I do hope that whoever wins gives us a little peak at all they find in their Plum Box!

The pictures in this post are just a sampling of all the fun you can find at Pick Your Plum!

Entering the giveaway couldn’t be easier. You’ve got three ways to enter in the Rafflecopter box below. (If you are reading this in your inbox or through an email reader and don’t see the Rafflecopter app, just click here to be taken right to the Nikki, In Stitches site!)

Good luck!

Nikki, In Stitches

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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171 Responses to Pick Your Plum Giveaway!

  1. Diana says:

    I think I may need a 12 step program for pick your plum. Love their stuff!!

  2. Meg Karetny says:

    I have to pick one?!? lol The buttons & thread look nice. Pretty colors!! πŸ™‚ Thanks for this!

  3. Jen Kaminsky says:

    Love the buttons and string!!

  4. Jenny Dixon says:

    I love their party cups, twine, cupcake stands… so many things!!

  5. Josie Snyder says:

    Ack, If I have to pick I would say the thread and the ribbon but it’s all must haves!

  6. I’ve got my eye on the DIY cupcake tower…and the stamps!! xo

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I’d love that diy cupcake tower!!!! fingers crossed!

  8. Annette says:

    I’d love to lay my hands on the burlap containers and the stamps. Those are awesome! Thanks for this possibility, Nikki!

  9. Nikki Glynn says:

    I love their twine and cupcake liners!

  10. Lanette Artiles says:

    Would love to win some craft goodness πŸ™‚

  11. Yes, I have made a purchase from pick your plum! Great bargains!

  12. Donna O'Neil says:

    I bought some cool jumbo paperclips to make teacher gifts. I love their stuff!

  13. Stefani {La Belle Parties} says:

    I love all things crafty!! Thanks for sharing this great giveaway with us!

  14. Ashley says:

    I need to get started on some Christmas crafts!

  15. DESPINA says:

    the bookmark and the stamps are gorgeous!!

  16. Kim Pollock says:

    I have never tried pick yourr plum. I would love it all especially those buttons!

  17. I love Pick Your Plum. I have ordered a bunch from them recently. I was able to get some wire baskets that I can’t wait to receive!

  18. maura says:

    love your website and blog….learn so much and get inspired too
    and that beautiful thread will arrive just in time to finish off all my Christmas presents! thank you so much

  19. thelmac carbonell says:

    I have purchased cupcake liners and paper straws. Always look forward to the next mornings sale. Can’t get enough.

  20. Brenda Melahn says:

    Yes — I LOVE Pick Your Plum — have ordered several times, my favorite so far are some wrought iron keys … and a great deal on ribbon … and thread … and elastic lace headbands. Well, as you see — love everything I’ve gotten from them!!

  21. Julianne Johnson says:

    I have gotten jewelry making things but my favorites are the twine and vinyl!

  22. Abby call says:

    Since I am retiring at the end of the year, this would be a fun box to get and have some fun with. Something to do on those snow days.

  23. Lynda says:

    Wow! What a great giveaway. Thanks for the opp. Oh, my… let me see… stamps and twine….

  24. Sarah Shult says:

    I purchased a cling on vinyl Halloween decoration in August:)

  25. Nancy says:

    Love finding new places to feed my creative addiction!

  26. Kathy Mateus says:

    Love the stamps and those burlap baskets πŸ™‚

  27. Rachel Schofield says:

    Never heard of them before but I can promise you that I am in love with everything!!! πŸ™‚

  28. What a great giveaway! Pick Your Plum always has such cool things – I’d love to win πŸ™‚

  29. Darcy Gray says:

    I love your site and Pick Your Plum!

  30. Debbie Painter says:

    I Love the Pick Your Plum site!! I have ordered from them numerous times & you always get the best quality & lowest prices!! It’s just an Awesome site!! Thank you both for the chance to win!!!

  31. Yvone says:

    I could not think of a better time for the giveaway! I am having about 30 girls coming over for a crafty Christmas party. We will be making things for our kids teachers and anyone special in our lives. The party is Dec. 16th. & would be great to have some of these perfect goodies!

  32. sam says:

    What a fabulous giveaway idea. Thanks for sharing this lovely shop.

  33. Joann says:

    What an awesome giveaway!!! I love the Pick your Plum site! Such great products! Thanks for the chance!!


  34. Dorangela says:

    Love Pick Your Plum would love to win!!

  35. Brenda Bush says:

    It would be hard to pick one….early Christmas!

  36. Nancy says:

    Love ribbon
    thanks for the giveaway….nancy

  37. LinhC says:

    I love all the things that are offered by Pick Your Plum!

  38. Amber says:

    I love the paper clip/book mark with the picture.

  39. Lisa Nelson says:

    I love the idea of a box of crafty goodness. Pick your Plum looks wonderful! I have never ordered but I love the wooden letters above!

  40. Monica says:

    This whole idea is extremely neat πŸ™‚ if I had to pick an item I’m excited about from the picture I’d have to say the ribbon its super cute and has tons of possibility and the picture bookmark looks beautiful πŸ™‚

  41. Gretchen @ Three Little Monkeys Studio says:

    Such a cool giveaway! I have a huge Pick Your Plum addiction and drawers stuffed with party supplies. Love them! I want some of that personalized ribbon!

  42. I’ve ordered mini gable boxes and washi tape from Pick Your Plum! LOVE them!

  43. Madison McWilliams says:

    I am LOVING the twine!! This would be AWESOME to win! Thank you!

  44. MJ says:

    I can only pick ONE??? IMPOSSIBLE! I love it all… and what a great time of year to be the winner of a Pick Your Plum box. Course any time of the year would be nice, but right before the holidays ROCKS!

  45. Ribbon! Isn’t it glorious!! Or thread!! Its all GREAT!

  46. Ann says:

    There are just too many wonderful things to choose just one. But, if I must, I would say surprise me between threads, buttons, and tags. And, the bookmark is lovely also. I have not heard of Pick Your Plum but now I am off to their site. Thanks!

  47. Melissa says:

    Love all of it would be hard to pick. Glad it is a surprise box. Good luck to everyone.

  48. Vanessa B says:

    Oh Yaa, I Luvvvv PYP! Ive ordered quite a few times but I missed on those Tags so Id be thrilled if those were in the box, if I win πŸ™‚ Thank You!!!

  49. Kristin McNamara Freeman says:

    What a wonderful giveaway – I love their products. Always I find something that takes my projects to new heights or solves my storage solution challenges.

  50. Looooove Pick Your Plum – very good deals on stuff I love most!

  51. Kylie says:

    I purchased a set of letter stamps and mini wooden spoons to use for my upcoming Favorite Things Christmas Party – so cute and can’t wait to put them to use!

  52. Melissa Montoya says:

    I love all of the stuff from Pick Your Plum! I have ordered several things and have been very happy with all of it!!

  53. Terrie says:

    I haven’t purchased anything from Pick Your Plum yet, but they have some great stuff! I really like the personalized stamp; but the tags, ribbons and thread are fun too. So much to choose from πŸ™‚

  54. Jennifer says:

    *love* the little photo bookmark!!! What a great Christmas gift for friends, teachers, family!

  55. I would love to win! What awesome goodies!

  56. Michelle says:

    I am in LOVE with the address stamp; would be interested in seeing what else is in the box!

  57. Vivian Kerr says:

    Bought 6 spools of baker’s twine! It’s the best!!

  58. Theresa says:

    Lots and lots of goodies!!! Would love to win this giveaway.

  59. Nichole says:

    Wow, what a wonderful giveaway! I’d LOVE to win… just in time for holiday creating!

  60. Anne Marie says:

    I receive their emails but have not yet ordered. I love their twine and buttons.

  61. Katherine says:

    Would love to win.

  62. maria alvarado says:

    I have ordered many items from pick a plum. I love the cake stands, straws, cupcake liners, tags, ect. I may need some intervention, nah… LOL… Thanks for the giveaway.

  63. i LOVE the addres stamps – so beautiful and what a unique touch to your outgoing mail!

  64. I only just discovered Pick Your Plum but I am already addicted!

  65. Tracy H says:

    Love the baskets, vinyl, bookmarks . . . all of it!

  66. Anne says:

    Would love to win this giveaway. It looks like an awesome site.

  67. Lydia Lawrence says:

    Love the great variety, not just in color, but styles.

  68. I’ve ordered a few things – love the recent washi tape deal. From above, I’d like the stamp! πŸ˜‰

  69. Kathy D says:

    I have ordered buttons and ribbon. Everything comes to my doorstep so quickly.

  70. Monica Fullerton says:

    I would love a box full of surprises… thanks for the giveaway!!

  71. julie says:

    So many beautiful things to get me creative.

  72. AnnE says:

    LOVE this giveaway! I am totally digging the personalized bookmarks! What a cute little something extra!

  73. Shawn M says:

    What a great giveaway, thanks!

  74. Margaret Nickisson says:

    Oooo please do not make me choose, everything is so great. Love the cotton and buttons though

  75. Karen Gifford says:

    Ooohh, so many goodies – I am recently retired, and there are so very many new crafty goodies out there, I guess my pick would be the ribbons or the thread and buttons, but that’s a tough choice!!

  76. Pat Smith says:

    So many neat things to choose from that it’s just to difficult to pick one or even two. I really like the little bags that are so multi-purpose! The little display stand would be so cute draped with fabric to display cupcakes! Lots of ideas rolling around in my head on what can be done with all the different items!

  77. Frances says:

    Oh!!!!!!!!!!! Thread, Oh!!!!!!!!!!! buttons ! Love them!

  78. Michelle M. Sims says:

    I am a Newbie and just don’t know where to start. Would love anything.

  79. Heather says:

    Would love to win the bookmark, stamps and burlap containers and the different word sayings.

  80. Robin says:

    Cool Stuff!

  81. Karen V says:

    I use a lot of buttons in my crafts and hairbows for my daughter. We are always looking for something new and interesting to incorporate.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  82. Susanna says:

    What fun stuff! I’d be happy to get a surprise box of anything from the Plum. I’m off to investigate their goodies!

  83. Andrea D. says:

    I’ve ordered from Pick Your Plum many times. I love their deals. I’d especially love some baker’s twine. Thanks for such a great prize giveaway.

  84. Kim M says:

    Oh my, where do I begin! Thread, buttons and tags….

  85. Anitha Kuppuswamy says:

    The buttons & thread look nice!

  86. Debra Bartshe Jennings says:

    I do a lot of different arts and crafts so I’d be happy with anything. πŸ™‚

  87. Rikki-Dee says:

    I would love to get my hands on some twine.

  88. susan powell says:

    Love it all

  89. Pattie says:

    The buttons & thread, I like it all.

  90. Darlene says:

    It all looks great, but I can picture projects with the thread and buttons!!

  91. I would love the twine! I would LOVE it ALL.

  92. abbey omerza says:

    I’ve ordered a few things from them and my favorite has been the pretty colored bakers twine. I use it wrap all my gifts!

  93. Corrine Loftus says:

    I get the emails everyday, but have never ordered! I sure would love to play with almost anything pictured! I have lots of ideas!!

  94. Line Deschenes says:

    Sure would love to win a box of goodies!!!

  95. Rosaland says:

    Those threads and buttons would be great to have. So many creative possibilities!

  96. Shar says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  97. Jessica Roe says:

    I love it all, but I’ve been eyeing the stamps…

  98. Minta Fung says:

    Too many goodies to pick from. Imagine all the fun to come if you win.

  99. Diana says:

    I have just recently discovered Pick your Plum but havent purchased anything from them, but I love the site! I love the personalized stamps in the photo, I see some mason jar goodies, and it looks like an adorable personalized bookmark, how cute!! Thanks for the chance! xoxo

  100. Charissa says:

    The buttons and thread are pretty.

  101. Elizabeth McDonald says:

    I haven’t ordered from Pick Your Plum yet, and I see that they have cardboard luggage tags pictured — I have been looking EVERYWHERE for them! THank you for the giveaway.

  102. Kathy Sitter says:

    What a wonderful gift to give from an awesome supplier. It will be Christmas early if I win. Good luck everyone πŸ™‚

    Take care,
    Kathy Sitter

  103. Barb George says:

    All too fun to choose!!! How to choose!!!????

  104. Nikki says:

    I love, love, LOVE all of your comments!
    I’m so happy so many of you are already in love with Pick Your Plum…it is one of my favorite places to get crafty supplies!
    And, for those of you that are just discovering it, hold on to your wallets! You’re going to be gobbling up A LOT of their deals!!
    Keep sharing the giveaway….the more the merrier!

  105. Kay Brasfield says:

    I love the thread and the bakers twine!

  106. nancy L says:

    A goody box, what fun that would be. Your site is AWESOME

  107. Papgena says:

    oh what fun!! thanks for the chance!!!

  108. Kathy says:

    Thread looks beautiful! Much apreciation for the opportunity!

  109. Monica says:

    i love pick your plum! i have ordered so many things and i love it all. my favs have been some jewelry but love the twine! thanks for a chance to win!

  110. Becky Beavers says:

    Love the address stamps!

  111. Kim Reid says:

    I would love the threads for my needlework – thanks!

  112. Melissa says:

    I love it all, but my favorite has to be the threads and buttons. I’m afraid I have a button addiction. More are always welcome!

  113. Linda says:

    Oh how wonderful

  114. Erin says:

    Favorite item? Wooden moustaches. Most useful? Craft tags. I love Pick Your Plum!

  115. Sue says:

    With such wonderful goodies all pictured it is hard to pick just one, I choose the sacks I can just picture them filled with bright coloured yarns and fabrics on the shelves in my craft area

  116. Jan N says:

    I just bought some stuff from that site today. Would LOVE to win all the goodies in this giveaway.

  117. Laura Hilton says:

    I am new to Pick Your Plum. I came to you through Nikki In Stitches. Wow!!! I would have a hard time picking between the address stamp, thread and buttons. It all looks gorgeous though!

  118. Peggy Gibbs says:

    I would love to have all those beautiful threads. I sew for World of Charity Stitching, a Yahoo group, and I know our quilting and sewing ladies would really enjoy the threads.

  119. Terri Kleinberg says:

    There are so many things in the pictures that it is hard to pick just one. The twine looks like it would come in handy, so does the thread and the buttons, but the one that captures my interest the most is the stacking display. It would be great for desserts or appetizers at Christmas.

  120. Laura D says:

    I’ve ordered a few times, but always seem to miss out on the things I REALLY want! Wish I’d ordered the cake stands when I saw them though–one big regret!

  121. Candice Cannon says:

    I have not heard of them before reading this today but will def check them out. Oh, and I would love to be gifted with the beautiful threads.

  122. leslie says:

    just look at the thread selection!

  123. Beverly says:

    Love the large words!!!

  124. Michelle says:

    crafty stuff always wanted

  125. karen says:

    Love it all

  126. Hmmm I like the bookmark and the buttons and thread. πŸ™‚ Have to check them out now! πŸ™‚

  127. Calli says:

    I love the cupcake stand!

  128. Donna says:

    What fun! I want it all! No really I do but I really love the cake stand.

  129. Jane Thomas says:

    I did buy one thing, but cannot remember now what it was. I love that paperclip with the picture on it up above.

  130. LaurieGeier says:

    Just found your sight this morning. I love your crafts and plan on starting the hooded scarf today.

  131. Greta says:

    I love PYP and all of their great goodies! I really hope I win! Your blog is just as great with all the the great crafty ideas! πŸ™‚

  132. Cherie Wiederrich says:

    Hooked on Pick Your Plum!

  133. Elizabeth says:

    My friend owns a craft shop and she orders from Pick your Plum. She has made some of the cutest headbands for little girls and earrings from stuff she buys here. I am going to have to buy some stuff. Everything is so pretty! I like the tags and the bookmarks shown above. I actually like it all but I’d buy those two first.

  134. Jordan Hemberger says:

    I just love the personalized ribbon that they have today…Soooo cute for the holidays!

  135. Toni Thomason says:

    Just wanted to say that love it all! Wanted to show my <3 for you and your site!

  136. Nikki says:

    You all have me blushing this morning!
    So many sweet words, not just about the giveaway, but also my site and my projects!
    Thank you all so much for making me smile!!

  137. Bianca Andrea says:

    I have ordered from Pick Your Plum before, I love their super fast shipping! My last order was for some party bags πŸ™‚

  138. Katelyn Lee says:

    I’ve never ordered before. I love the book markers!

  139. elaine thompson says:

    loving the DIY cupcake stand !!!!!!

  140. I’m a PYP junkie…I always gobble up any and every deal because I just KNOW I’m going to need them for SOMEthing, SOMEday. Very cool giveaway, girlie. Have I mentioned how proud of you I am?!! πŸ˜‰

  141. Always love to see what Pick your Plum is offering.
    Love them and Nikki too!

  142. Amanpreet Kaur says:

    I love all of them!

  143. Sunday Cruz says:

    I got to order one of those 250 surprise boxes and I loved it!!!

  144. Cindi says:

    Yes, I adore Pick Your Plum…
    I have bought twine in several colors from
    Many thanks, Cindi

  145. barbara n says:

    I have fallen in love with bakers twine – perfect for holiday gift wrapping!

  146. Raquel Serra says:

    Love all of it would be hard to pick.
    Those threads and buttons would be great to have.

  147. Emily Bass says:

    I am loving the stamps and the cupcake holder!

  148. Leah says:

    The buttons are awesome!

  149. Julie says:

    some ribbons and buttons

  150. Galatina says:

    Oh – all so gorgeous. Thanks for a lovely giveaway.

  151. Shanna-Kaye Fancher says:

    Oh this looks fabulous!!! I love Pick your plum-and this would be a great prize to win! πŸ™‚

  152. hchybinski says:

    this is new to me – the things pictured are SO FUN!! I would love just about all of them!!


  153. Heather Kaiser says:

    I love many many things from Pick Your Plum. One of my favorites was scarfs for Christmas presents this year.

  154. Jocelyn H says:

    What a great giveaway.

  155. Taylor D says:

    So hard to choose! I think the colorful thread.

  156. Maria M. says:

    Love their products. THank you for this giveaway!

  157. Ryan says:

    I love the twine and baking cups I ordered πŸ™‚

  158. Natalie says:

    Love them! All time fave was the chalkboard picks!

  159. I love Pick Your Plum. I think my favorite thing to date was my first grab box. Just a lot of fun! But I love my new stamp set too.

  160. Veronica says:

    I have not ordered yet, mostly because by the time I see it, it’s gone. But I would love to see a kit, pattern or the needed items to make a Waldorf doll. I really, really want to make one!

  161. Maria says:

    Yes I do love Pick Your Plum and I have ordered from them before!

    Thank you!

  162. Rena says:

    that huge paper clip is adorable! would love to get crafty with twine, labels, anything really!

  163. Lady Anne says:

    I couldn’t choose as everything is so beautiful but I love the word art. That twine does look good as does the ribbon, oh as I said it is all so good…

  164. Lindsey Wilson says:

    I own both the return address block and the cupcake stand in the picture. Absolutely adore them both!!

  165. Mindy Morton says:

    can’t wait!

  166. Jaci says:

    Love this stuff!

  167. Penni Ebina says:

    Love everything!

  168. Angela Hoynes says:

    Wow what a lot of goodies to win!!

  169. Sarah Robles says:

    I ordered some turquoise/chocolate brown scalloped cupcake wrappers! SOOOOO Cute!

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