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IMG_2643_editedEarlier this spring, I wrote quite a few posts on quilting.  You may remember me starting at the very beginning with cutting fabric, and working my way all the way through to binding your quilt, and tagging it.  There were a lot of posts in between, including nine traditional quilt block tutorials, and the basics of basting and quilting.  (I have listed all of them at the end of this post if you’d like to go back and see a specific one.)  At the end of the long process, I announced that my quilt would be donated to the Pottstown Pennsylvania’s Relay for Life, to be raffled off.  The proceeds would then go to the American Cancer Society.  Well, the results are in!  The raffles were $1 a piece, and my quilt earned $417!  I would like to thank everyone that bought a chance and in turn, contributed to finding a cure for cancer.  I hope this becomes an annual tradition for me and for Nikki, In Stitches. I already have my eyes open for a quilt I could make next spring, and ideas are running through my head for tutorials, tips and hints to go along with it.  If you would like to make a donation, please contact the American Cancer Society, or, if you would like to donate a quilt to your neighborhood Relay for Life, please click on the link provided to find a contact person in your area.


Jojo's Gift Shoppe Thank You FabricYou may also remember that all of the these posts were highlighted on another blog, Jojo’s Gift Shoppe.  Joelle put up all of my block tutorials and sent a ton of traffic to my blog.  Considering these posts went up early in my blogging career, I was so happy to see more viewers to my projects.  I couldn’t thank her enough!  Apparently, she was even more thankful to me though, because in the mail the other day, I received this package of fabric!  Look at all that is in here!  A jelly roll, a honey bun, turnovers, and layer cakes all in Moda’s Patisserie.  Isn’t this beautiful?  Thank you, Joelle!  And all of you, please check out Joelle’s blog and her online store, where she has tons of ideas and great deals on fabric.


Any suggestions for what to make with this?  I have so many ideas, I can’t pick a favorite!


Here are all of the links to my quilting posts.  Enjoy!


Nikki, In Stitches


Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

Cheap Trick

Block 1 – Churn Dash

Block 2 – Card Trick

Block 3 – Sawtooth Patchwork

Block 4 – Gentleman’s Fancy

Block 5 –  A Dove in the Window

Block 6 – Flower Pot

Block 7 – Crow’s Foot

Block 8 – Pinwheel and Squares

Block 9 – Rosebud

The End is in Sight!

A Quilt Sambo!

Bound and Determined

Tagged and Ready for the Relay

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9 Responses to Relay Results

  1. Joelle says:

    Hi Nikki,
    I am so glad you love the Patisserie by Fig Tree Quilts! It is one of my favorites too. It is rare to find all of these Patisserie Fabric cuts nowadays..(discontinued) so when I looked at all of my products I found some items hiding that were not on the internet store…sooo it was meant to be for you! I can’t wait to see what you make!! Send pictures!

  2. kathy says:

    Thanks for donating the quilt for Relay for Life. We picked the winner yesterday. She is a 48 year old woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago. She recently found out that her cancer had spread to her brain. She has since had brain surgery and radiation to her brain. Although her prognosis is poor, she is a woman who is always optimistic and never stops smiling. She is an inspiration to other patients, the doctors and nurses. She said, “When I wrap myself in the quilt, it will remind me I am not alone in this fight.” She asked that people continue to pray for her. Nikki, thanks again for your kindness. Can’t wait to see next years quilt!

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