Saint Patrick’s Day Treat!

I natalie_edited2was drawing a blank for a cute Saint Patrick’s Day project, so I turned to my husband’s cousin, Natalie, who’s skills in the kitchen far outshine my crafting talents.  Natalie is starting now to delve into the crafting world, too.  Oh, and I guess I should mention, she’s only seventeen!


I gave Nat the task of coming up with a Saint Patty’s Day treat, and providing pictures, and I must say, I’m impressed.  Thanks, Nat, for bailing me out and for coming up with a great post!  I’m making these today!


Nikki, and Natalie, In Stitches


Irish Coffee Cupcakes

 Description: These cupcakes taste like a real Irish coffee! To create them, I placed yellow cupcakes in coffee mugs, sprinkled the cake with Bailey’s Irish Cream liqueur, and topped them with whipped cream frosting and a cherry. Serve these to adults with a spoon for dessert!

natalies-irish-coffee-cupcake-edited Ingredients:

 1 batch yellow Cupcakes, (made without paper liners)

 1/3 cup Bailey’s Irish Cream liqueur, or more to taste  

 2 teaspoons instant espresso powder

Whipped Cream Frosting

Chocolate-covered espresso beans or cherry (optional)


1. Place 1 cupcake inside each mug, pressing it down to the bottom.

2. Whisk together liqueur and espresso powder until espresso dissolves. If it doesn’t dissolve, heat mixture briefly in a small saucepan over low heat and stir until it does. Pierce each cupcake several times with a bamboo skewer or toothpick. Brush liqueur mixture over each cupcake.

3. Pipe a large swirl of frosting on top of each cupcake, filling up the remaining space in the mug or cup. Top with a chocolate- covered espresso bean or cherry. Cupcakes are now ready to serve. Don’t forget the spoon!

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2 Responses to Saint Patrick’s Day Treat!

  1. Kristina says:

    This is one of my favorite St. Patrick’s Day treats:

    Cream Cheese Irish Potatoes
    3 oz. of cream cheese
    2 1/2 c. powdered sugar
    1/2 tsp. vanilla
    1 c. dried coconut
    dash of salt

    Beat cream cheese. Gradually add sugar; stir in vanilla, coconut, and salt. Use
    1/2 teaspoon of mixture at a time, roll in small rounds. Then roll in cinnamon.
    Yeilds 34 small potatoes.

  2. Robin Toennies says:

    Hi Nikki! It’s Robin from Phoenix. I heard about your website. It is awesome. I love this recipe and can’t wait to use it. I was wondering if you were going to write a blog on baby books. Mya is one year old and i have not even started…..i may just be lazy and go digital but i would love to craft it but may not have the time. Any ideas??

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