{September Silhouette CAMEO promotion} Foil Sticker Paper…And A Super Cute Halloween Treat, Too!

It’s all in the details, right?

These simple candy tubes are perfect for storing a Halloween trick or treat, and the details provided by the Silhouette CAMEO® put them over the top adorable. And, even better? The supplies for them are on sale this month!

As usual, if you have a Silhouette CAMEO® the crafty goodies used to create this craft are on sale, and if you don’t have a CAMEO you can get the entire system and supplies bundled together at a discounted price…but I’m getting ahead of myself here! Both the how-to and the sale details are below.

Nikki, In Stitches


  • Candy tubes (I got mine from Petite Party Studio here, but be sure to take a peek around their entire shop. I could get lost in all of the goodies there!)
  • Spider web paper punch
  • Black cardstock (Mine has a little shimmer to it, but you could probably find something that will work in your scrap bin!)
  • Adhesive roller
  • Scissors
  • Gold printable foil sticker paper from Silhouette (On sale this month…Scroll down for the promo code! The sale also includes the silver printable sticker paper and white printable sticker paper. Print anything you’d like and use the CAMEO to custom cut your stickers! To all my crafty business owning friends…this is a great way to create your own custom logo stickers!)
  • Printer
  • Silhouette CAMEO® cutting system
  • Something fun to fill your candy tubes with! (My little guy helped me pick out googly eyed rings, erasers, pencil toppers, and some fun stretchy skeletons!)


  1. Cut a piece of cardstock long enough to wrap around the tube (in my case about 5″) and wide enough to punch with your spider web punch. (Again, this will depend on your punch…for me the strip needed to be about 1 1/16″ wide.)
  2. Punch the cardstock and use your adhesive roller to attach it around your candy tube.
  3. Print and cut your stickers using your Silhouette CAMEO®…detailed directions below!
  4. Adhere stickers.
  5. Fill with goodies!

Here’s how easy it is create your own custom stickers with a Silhouette CAMEO®!

  •  Create your sticker in the Silhouette Studio design software. For my sticker, I purchased the label shape from the Silhouette online store for only $0.99 (it’s called “artisan label set” and can be found here!) and used the font “cracked.” (Note: Many of you are saying that creating your own designs from scratch is a little intimidating. Take a peek around the Silhouette online store. There are too many designs there to count, and most are $0.99. You can find something there for every occasion, and with just a little customizing, you can make them your own…without having to start from scratch!)
  • Fill your design with whatever colors you’d like.
  • Open the “cut style window” and select “cut edge.” This tells your CAMEO to only cut the outside border of your sticker (rather than all of the lines inside!).
  • Change your paper size to 8.5″ x 11″. Copy and paste your image to fill the page. Open the “Registration Marks Settings” window and click “Show Reg Marks.”

  • Important! To get the best results, edit your registration marks by following these steps!
  1. Click “File” at the top of the screen.
  2. Select “Registration Mark Settings.”
  3. Alter the distances to a slightly higher number (such as 1″).
  4. Select the maximum thickness for your marks.
  • Click to “Send to Printer” and print! (Note: If you’re using the foil papers, give them a few minutes to dry after printing. You don’t want your design to smear!)
  • Place dry paper onto your Silhouette CAMEO® cutting mat and load into the machine. Click the “Silhouette Cut Settings” window. Be sure to select “printable foil” as your medium, and click “Cutting Mat.”
  •  Click “Send to Silhouette.” A window will open on the right that will walk you through loading the cutting mat and preparing the machine to read your already printed registration marks. Follow these steps:
  1. Click “Click here to skip printing.” Your design is already printed.
  2. Click “Continue.” You’ve loaded your mat and adjusted your settings in the step above!
  3. Click “detect automatically.” Your machine will start scanning your page, looking for the registration marks.
  4. Click ‘Cut.”
  • Unload your cutting mat and peel away the excess paper. You’ll be left with “Boo!”-tiful Halloween stickers!

WHEW! That seems really long, but I literally gave you every little click, detail, and tip to make it super easy! 

Now for the fun part! 

The supplies for this project are all on sale!

Here are all the details:

  • The Silhouette bundle (that also includes the CAMEO)  is now available for $269.99. The bundle includes:
    • Silhouette CAMEO®
      • Silhouette CAMEO® electronic cutting tool
      • Power cable/AC adapter
      • USB cable
      • Silhouette Studio® software
      • $10 download card
      • 12″ x 12″ cutting mat
      • Silhouette blade
      • Basic Instruction Guide
      • CAMEO instructional DVD
    • 1 package of white sticker paper
    • 1 package of printable gold foil
    • 1 package of printable silver foil

    That’s a lot of goodies for almost $57 off!

  • Already have a CAMEO? Get all three packs of sticker paper (white, gold, and silver!) for only $19.99!

Ready to start shopping?

You can find both the bundle that includes the Silhouette CAMEO® and the sticker paper package on the Silhouette site here!

Pssst! These foil sticker papers are brand new! They were just released over the summer as part of Silhouette’s Specialty Media products, and they are already a hit!!

And be sure to use promo code STITCHES to get your discount!

This offer is only good from 9/24/12 to 9/30/12! 

(One last note: Yes, this is an affiliate program!)

PS…You can take a peek at my Silhouette projects and tutorials here to get an even better idea of all the crafty places it can take you!

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4 Responses to {September Silhouette CAMEO promotion} Foil Sticker Paper…And A Super Cute Halloween Treat, Too!

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  2. Rowena says:

    How did you find working with the printable foil itself ?, it’s meant to work on inkjet printers as well as lasers, but mine come out very smudged as the ink doesn’t seem to stick to the foil no matter what setting I try. Even after an hour if you rub your finger over the labels they smudged and looked awful. Did you have any special printer settings ?

    rwd x

    • Nikki says:

      Hi Rowena,
      My first go around, I had some smearing, but the second time, I let it sit for awhile, and it was fine.
      For me, the hardest part was getting my machine to read the registration marks. I had to play a bit with the size of them, to get them to register when the machine was scanning. But again, after a round of playing, I was fine.
      What kind of printer were you using? I wonder if that had something to do with it?

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