Silhouette CAMEO and Fabric Interfacing Package…On Sale Now!

Silhouette CAMEO, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

All of you know I love my CAMEO for many reasons. It obviously cuts paper. It sketches. It makes stencils. It makes stickers. Heck, I can even make temporary tattoos for my kids! (Do you know how important that feature is on rainy days in the summer???) 

But I also love where my CAMEO has taken my sewing. Yes…sewing.

Since the CAMEO can cut fabric, as well as interfacing, machine applique has quickly moved (back) to the top of my “favorite crafty techniques” list.

And just think about the precision with which you can now cut these applique shapes, or really any shape that you’d like to piece!

See? Another reason to love it!

So…why all this lovey dovey CAMEO talk?

Starting today, July 26th and running to Tuesday, July 31st, Silhouette is offering a huge discount on the CAMEO and their fabric interfacing products!

Take a peek at the details:

  • The fabric interfacing bundle (that also includes the CAMEO)  is now available for $269.99. The bundle includes: 1 Silhouette CAMEO, 1 larger cutting mat (12×24 inch), 1 package of sewable fabric interfacing, 1 package of clean cut fabric interfacing, and (wait for it…) 1 brand new Silhouette fabric blade!! This (of course) comes with the regular 12×12 inch cutting mat and a regular blade as well, along with a $10 download card as well. (MSRP $348.95, savings of $78.96!)
  • Already have a CAMEO? The fabric interfacing supplies together (without the CAMEO) are also on sale for $29.99. This package includes: the fabric blade, 12”x24” cutting mat and one package of each of the fabric interfacings! (MSRP $46.96, savings of $16.97!)

A quick note: Just like our scissors, the blades on the CAMEO can become dull after cutting paper. And, just like our scissors, it makes sense to set aside one blade for cutting paper, and another for cutting fabric. You’ll see you get sharper, crisper cuts all around! Silhouette makes it easy to keep track of which blade is meant for which medium by making the fabric blade that beautiful, bright blue!

Ready to start using a CAMEO for so much more than just cutting paper?

You can find the packages on the Silhouette site here:

Silhouette CAMEO Fabric Bundles

and be sure to use promo code STITCHES to get your discount!

(One last note: Yes, this is an affiliate program!)


Nikki, In Stitches

PS…You can take a peek at my Silhouette projects and tutorials here to get an even better idea of all the crafty places it can take you!






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