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Nikki In Stitches - McGonigal Home from Jen T Designs Welcome Home

Hey, Stranger. It’s been while. Too long, to say the least. This summer has kicked my behind. From packing the entire house and family up for a move, to unpacking the entire house and family in our new home, to … Continue reading

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More than just a painted pot! - Silhouette Specialy Media Promo More Than Just A Painted Pot! {Paint, Sand, And Stick!}

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it here yet, but this party of five and one energy filled yellow lab is moving. You know…it’s one of those “we’re only moving to the other side of town” kind of moves, which … Continue reading

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reversible sleeping mask free sewing pattern from nikki in stitches Reversible Sleeping Mask Free Sewing Pattern

The pillowcases were such a hit last week, I thought I’d give all of you a little something extra to go with them…Sleeping Masks! We made these sleeping masks in a free online class I hosted awhile back, so there … Continue reading

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Reverse Weeding - Thank You Card from Nikki In Stitches Reverse Weeding Video How-To {PLUS One Last Sale On Silhouette Vinyl!}

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday! I am still enjoying pajama days, hot cocoa, and playing with my kiddos. (There is nothing better than brand new Christmas toys, right? We’re surrounded by Lego pieces and Barbies over … Continue reading

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Faux Button Closure Crochet Headband Free Pattern from Nikki In Stitches Faux Button Closure Crochet Headband {Free Pattern}

So apparently A LOT of you like crochet head warmers! This one with the flower, that I posted a few weeks ago was a HUGE hit, and all of you asked for more, so….here you go! I love this one … Continue reading

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Crochet Flower Head Warmer Free Pattern by Nikki In Stitches Crochet Flower and Head Warmer {Free Pattern}

It happens every year…. The weather gets cold, and I get the itch to play with yarn. Today I have the first of two crochet projects for you, both head warmers. (Head warmer #2 is coming your way next week!) … Continue reading

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how to use silhouette double sided adhesive paper for perfect glitter designs How To Create Perfectly Glittered Designs Every Time! {Plus A Silhouette Portrait™ Giveaway!}

A short and sweet post today featuring lots of goodies (and a giveaway!!), but most importantly, my trick to getting perfectly glittered designs…every time! 1. My secret to perfect glitter is…. Many of you know that glitter is not my … Continue reading

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Boo! Haunted Halloween Picture Frames - Decoupage by Nikki In Stitches Haunted Halloween Decoupage Picture Frames

How many of you have a “go-to” technique or project? You know…the one that you fall back on time and time again. The one you recreate for different holidays. Or the one you’ve turned into gifts for countless family members … Continue reading

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glass etching starter kit sale and silhouette portrait giveaway from nikki in stitches Glass Etching Starter Kit Sale {And A Silhouette Portrait™ Giveaway!!}

I *think* I’m back to a regular blogging schedule. I *think* so. At any point, my five week old could completely change the nice routine I have our little family following, but for now…I *think* you’ll be hearing from me … Continue reading

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DIY Back to school tumblers from nikki in stitches - vinyl embellished water bottles {DIY} Back To School Tumblers (And A Silhouette CAMEO® Giveaway)

I’ve had these adorable tumblers in my stash of “goodies to embellish” for months, (I grabbed them off of Pick Your Plum at the start of the summer!) and was so excited to dig them out for this week’s project. … Continue reading

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