The Big Announcement: The First “Semester” of LIVE Online Craft Classes Is Open!

Important Update: The first semester of live classes wrapped up in early November! Second semester is in the works, and slated for enrollment in late January 2013. To get on the early bird notification list for when class registration opens, click here!

Over the last few weeks I’ve asked a lot of questions, and all of you have so graciously provided a lot of answers!

It’s suddenly become so clear how I can help all of you!

Enrollment is now open for the first semester of LIVE online craft classes from Nikki, In Stitches!

You spoke, and I listened! The first “semester” of classes is based specifically around the feedback all of you sent in.

You spoke about missing interaction with fellow crafters, needing someone to hold you accountable, wanting to learn a new medium with a pro by your side. These classes cover all of that and more!

Below you’ll find details and summaries for each class (and even a special “Hall Pass” that gives you unlimited access to the entire first semester!)

How do I know these classes are going to knock your socks off?

I practiced! I did a test run with a few craft professionals, and their response was overwhelming! They loved the class, the format, and the entire experience! Here’s a quick testimonial from one of my “students.”

Ready to see what classes are being offered in this first semester?

If you just want to get to the fun and sign up, click the button below!

Class #1:

Star Spangled Bunting – Let’s Build A Craft Community

Crafting is fun, but crafting with your friends and enjoying each other’s company at the same time is even better!

In this live online class, you will:

  • Learn new ways to use paper to embellish packages and decorate your home
  • Get my secrets for repurposing and reusing paper scraps into holiday ornaments
  • Build connections and network with crafters around the world!
  • Make friends and create handmade treasures…all at the same time!

Class #2:

Sewing On Paper

Already a sewer? Great! This class will teach you to use your needle and thread in ways you never thought of before!

Not a sewer? No worries! This class is a great opportunity to dip your toes into the world of embroidery and decorative stitching. You’ll have people thinking you’ve been sewing for years!

And this class is chock full of bonuses!

Not only will I teach you my techniques for sewing on paper both by machine and by hand, but you will also get…

  • The best places to find your favorite fonts online for free!
  • Tips and tricks for how to use tissue paper to transfer your designs!
  • And my Nikki, In Stitches – A Handmade Holiday Ebook packed with projects to create a gorgeous handmade holiday for you and your family…and to help you practice your newly learned skills! (The book alone normally sells for $6.99!)

Class #3:

Mixed Media Canvas: An Introduction to Mixed Media Art with Special Guest Revlie Schuit

If you’ve been drooling over a gorgeous mixed media work of art,  telling yourself you can never create something like that, this is YOUR class! Revlie Schuit will show you EVERYONE can create a mixed media canvas!

In this class, Rev will teach you how to:

  • Create a background with paper
  • Use a gel medium
  • Add color with spray ink and paint
  • Create interest with stamps
  • Make it “YOU” with lovely fabric
  • Create a simple flower scene
  • Add a handwritten title

A bit about the very talented, Rev:Revlie Schuit has designed for a variety of different scrapbooking manufacturers, including Scenic Route, American Crafts, 24heures37, and Color Conspiracy. She has written for Dutch Scrapbooking Magazine in the past, and currently writes articles for Entre Artistes (a French scrapbooking magazine). She’s been published in Creating Keepsakes, Scrapbooks Etc, Simply Handmade and multiple other magazines. Rev teaches mini-album and mixed media workshops in her studio and she’s currently working on a 4 week e-course for creating mixed media canvasses…her way. (Which in my opinion, is the best way!)

Class #4:

Yarn Lovers Unite: An Introductions to Tunisian Crochet

In this live online class, I’ll answer questions about basic knitting and crochet that any students may have, but I’m even more excited to introduce all of you to Tunisian Crochet!

With the ease and speed of crochet, but the look of knit, it’s sure to be one of your new favorite techniques. Learn basic stitches and see how you can transform your favorite knit patterns into Tunisian Crochet patterns!

Knits, purls, and even cables…all are possible with Tunisian Crochet!

Gotta’ Have Them All?

Get The Hall Pass!

Do you want to try a little bit of everything?

Can’t decide which classes to take?

There’s a really easy way to take every class, at a discounted price!

Sign up for all three classes by selecting the “Hall Pass” and get unlimited access to everything this semester…at a discounted price!

Whew! This post is getting long!

I know many of you will have questions about how the classes will be taught, what technology you will need, etc., so I’ve put all that knitty-gritty (pun intended!) stuff here.

Stop by, take a peek, and if you still have questions, you know how to reach me!

Let’s Do This Together!

Just think! Two months from now, you could have new skills, new friends, and a love for a new craft medium.


You’re not afraid to try something new anymore!

You’re confident in the new skills you’ve learned!

You’ve joined a community that supports you, will help you, and will grow with you…wherever your crafting adventure takes you.

We can do all this and more together!

Won’t you join me?

Click here to enroll now in one or more classes this semester!

Nikki, In Stitches

PS…As always, if you have any questions just comment below!

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