{Vacation!} 3 Tips For Bringing Your Crafting On The Road With You

Am I the only one that looks forward to long road trips because that means I get 3+ hours  (each way!) of uninterrupted knitting time in the car?

If you blushed when you read that because you think the same way, you’ll love my tips below for taking your crafting on the road with you.

And as always, feel free to add your tricks for vacation crafting in the comments!

Three Tips For Bringing Your Crafting On The Road With You

1. Compartmentalize

DO NOT think you are going to hide your craft supplies amongst your socks and pajamas! Trust me! I’ve tried…it doesn’t work! You can’t find what you’re looking for and your clothes end up spewed all over the room!

Separate everything! I pack my clothes and personal items separate from my craft supplies. I even separate my craft supplies into two categories: easy things I can just pick up and grab go together (think hand sewing or knitting!). Larger items, that usually go with more time intensive projects (think piecing a quilt at your machine) get packed together. This way, when the time arrives for you to get crafting, you can simply grab whatever project you have time for, and you’re not hauling out everything you brought with you.

2. Call Ahead

There’s nothing worse than packing up your car (and getting looks from your hubby as he rearranges the trunk three times to fit in everything you’ve packed), then realizing a lot of what you brought was already there.

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is an iron, but please, please, please test it on a scrap piece of fabric before you put it anywhere near your work. The last thing you want to do it start your vacation off on the wrong foot by staining or burning your fabric with an old or broken iron.

But think a little outside the box. I once was in desperate need of a lightbox while away at a tiny little beach house in Maine. I grabbed a large Pyrex dish from the kitchen. Flipped it over. Propped it up on two water glasses. Grabbed a lamp off the desk. Took off the shade. Slid it under the Pyrex. Instant lightbox! (PS…You could also grab a framed picture off the wall. Take out the pic, so you just have the glass in the frame. Prop it up and put the light underneath!) And so guess what? I no longer ever pack a lightbox when I craft on the road…I just make it myself when I get there!

3. Make A List…Check It Twice

Make a list before you even start to pack. Think of every little thing you might need. Remember, you’re not going to be able to run up to your craft room to grab something and shopping for something you forgot might not be an option.

Check it twice! And by this I mean, before you leave your house (to make sure you have everything you want to take with you) AND before you leave to come home (to make sure you’re not forgetting anything there!). This is important! You’re bringing your favorite supplies with you. You DO NOT want to forget them at your vacation spot. If it’s a rental, you have no idea when the actual owner will be back there to pick up what you left behind, and they may or may not be in any rush to ship it back to you! Pack your list and check it again before you leave to get on your way home!

Again, leave your tips for crafting on the road below in the comments! I hope these help! And enjoy your crafty weekend getaways!

Nikki, In Stitches

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16 Responses to {Vacation!} 3 Tips For Bringing Your Crafting On The Road With You

  1. Terrie says:

    These are great tips, Nikki! Especially packing your list and checking it before heading home from vacation 🙂

  2. Robin Cruce says:

    I always keep a travel kit packed and ready to go….it contains all the essential equipment (scissors, pins, tape measure, needles, etc…) packed and ready to grab on my way out the door…..it’s in a small camera case (one of the hard-shell types, so the awl and needles don’t poke through), and fits in my bag.

    Also for a light box….I just take tape. I can use any window for a light box!

  3. Elizabeth Stepankowsky says:

    I am a kntting fan from Chile – South America and I have just joined. It´s great to know that there are lots of people who carry their craft when travelling. I even carry my kntting when go shopping downtown!. By the way.. great tips.
    Best regards

    • Nikki says:

      Thanks so much, Elizabeth! And welcome! I’m so happy you’re here!
      I carry my crafting with me EVERYWHERE!
      Just last week I got to my son’s school a few minutes early for pick up, and was so happy I had grabbed my hand sewing project on the way out the door!

  4. Robin says:

    I always have a hand project usually knitting dishcloths. But my favorite is embroidery work. Sometimes I have to admit I leave early to pick up my grandson from school, just so I can set in pease and quiet and work on my project. So I am always looking for something easy to take grab and go.

    • Nikki says:

      I do the same thing! I’d rather get to pre-k pick-up early, and do a bit of handwork in the car, than run home only to have to leave 15 minutes later to go pick up my little guy!
      I’ll squeeze in quiet time to sew in peace anywhere I can!!

  5. Paula says:

    I have several sizes of plastic packaging that different products have come in, like 1 gallon salad dressing, large square nut containers, 1+ pound coffee containers (many of these packages are from Sam’s Club because of the bulk sizes). My husband (or sometimes myself) will drill a hole about 3/4″ or larger in the top. I put my yarn for the current knitting project in the container, pull it through the hole in the top & put the top on the holder. Often, my needles can stick into the hole, points down, between uses & usually the pattern can be tucked in when not needed, too.

    I knit a lot of things with multiple strands & types of yarns, so this keeps my yarn from rolling around the floor or around the car & getting all tangled and dirty while I’m knitting. Often these containers have a handy handle, too, which makes them easy to travel with.

    • Nikki says:

      Paula! I love that idea!
      There’s nothing more frustrating than spending more time untangling your yarn than actually knitting!

      • Linda says:

        Wow Paula I love your idea with the nut jars from sams. I am going to have to try that one. I have gotten into the habbit of going to the dollar store and I buy little gift bags and carry different projects in each one. I leave one inside my car and leave early each morning for work just so that I can sit in the peace and quiet and knit. I also saw a post the other day where someone bought one of those soap dishes that are deep and hold your shampoos ect. and has the sticky little plastic things on it that you can stick to a window” she sticks it to her car window to carry her things in for hand pieceing ect.

  6. Jane Nichols says:

    I always carry a “project” with me to various doctors appointments ( I have three boys and my husband has had a lot of health issues lately too). I recently was waiting to talk to the surgeon after he had worked on my husband and when he entered the room he said ” you are always working on something!”, with a chuckle I handed him one of the set of potholders I had crocheted during my waiting time. He really liked them so when my husband sees him again guess who us going to supply him with a set of potholders and probably a couple dishcloths to match!

    • Nikki says:

      Jane, I’m the same way! I always keep a project by the door, already packed up and set to just grab as I walk out. You never know when you’ll have a few free minutes to squeeze in some stitching, right?
      Sending good thoughts your way…I hope things get better for your husband!

    • Linda says:

      Its a good idea to keep a project in your car all the time. that way you don’t have to stop and think about it and it is always there. can’t tell you how many times I have been sooooooo glad it was there when we wound up sitting in a doctors office for a long time.

  7. Linda says:

    Oh one more suggestion for those that carry quilt pieces like hexagons with you. the little pencil pouches that the kids use for school are great for holding them along with your needle, thread and small pair of scissors.

    • Nikki says:

      Great suggestion, Linda!
      Speaking of hexagons…I’m completely in love with them lately! I think my next hand sewing project is going to be a hexie baby quilt!

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