Baltimore Style Halloween Quilt {October 2012 Update}

I’m still chugging along over here.

Two more small blocks done…I think three more small blocks to go.

Then the center block (over 200 pieces!) and the applique bat border.

Don’t get me wrong. Hand applique is a true love of mine…I just never thought this quilt would take me this many years to finish!

Nikki, In Stitches

PS….To see the other blocks I’ve finished for this quilt, as well as the details for where you can find it yourself if you’d like, here is a list of posts I’ve written about it. Try not to look at the dates of these posts…Yikes this is really taking me a long time!

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13 Responses to Baltimore Style Halloween Quilt {October 2012 Update}

  1. LINA VAUTOUR says:

    What a beautiful piece of work! Bravo .
    What to do to get the pattern

    • Nikki says:

      Hi Lina!
      Check your inbox! I just sent you two links. One to where you can get just the patterns, and another to where you can get the block of the month fabric kits!
      PS…Thank you!!

  2. Brenda Mack says:

    This is beautiful, I would love to have the pattern. You do lovely work.

  3. Diva Silva says:

    I love Halloween theme and just love it! Congratulations!

  4. Ashley says:

    Oh my you really do have a lot of patience! This gives me hope that I may actually finish some of the projects I have been planning for years! Beautiful work. And by hand! Wow. Love it.

    • Nikki says:

      Ashley, thank you so very much!
      I’m so happy you like it.
      Hopefully I’ll finish it up soon, so I, too, can get to the other projects I’ve had on hold for years! 😉

  5. Fran Gentry says:

    I’m so thrilled to find your blog. I’m just getting ready to start this quilt by block-of-the-month, and it’s actually encouraging to me that it’s taking you so long, because I know it will take me forever, but that quilt is so gorgeous! And your work is wonderful.

    • Nikki says:

      I’m so happy you’re here! Welcome!
      Thank you so much for your sweet words about my work. Even though the quilt is taking me forever, it is my favorite project to work on. I already have my next applique quilt picked…although at this rate, I won’t start it for a long time!
      I was so excited last night. I started the last of the small blocks. After I finish that one, I just have the center block and borders left.
      The end could actually be in sight!

  6. Lisa Stiltner says:

    How do I purchase the Baltimore style Halloween quilt pattern?

  7. Wahl says:

    Where or how can I buy this pattern?

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