Crafts Wars “Alters or Falters” LIVE Recap!

Wouldn’t it be great if we could meet for a cup of coffee and chat about this week’s episode of Craft Wars? You could ask the contestants what it was like to be on the show. You could get more details on the projects they made. All of the “Craft Wars Vets” would laugh and tell stories about any “CraftFails” that threw a wrench into our crafty plans. It would be so fun….

Well guess what!

We’re doing it!

Come back to this exact blog post Wednesday, July 18th at 8pm EST and we will be chatting LIVE about the previous night’s episode: “Alters or Falters”!!!

See the box below? That’s the Spreecast box where everything will take place. (If you are reading this post in a reader or through an email provider and can not see the Spreecast box, you will need to click over and view it directly on the Nikki, In Stitches site by clicking here.) Once we are “On Air” you’ll be able to watch and join in the fun!

Scroll down below the box for specifics about how to get the best viewing experience, and how to participate, either via chat or by coming on screen!

Have your coffee wine ready Wednesday night!

Can’t wait to see you soon!

Nikki, In Stitches

ADDED LATER: The Spreecast was so fun! Thanks so much to my fellow Craft Wars vets that stopped by and to those of you that joined in the fun! You can watch the replay in the box below, and hopefully I’ll see all of you again soon!

What browser can you use?

You can use Internet Explorer versions 8 and 9, as well as the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Personally, I’ve had the best experience with Google Chrome!

What version of Flash player do you need to view or join the Spreecast?

You will need to have Adobe Flash Player version 10.3 or later installed. Get the latest version here.

How can you participate in the Spreecast?

Spreecast is about interacting with others in a live video experience. There are three main ways to do this.

  1. Request to join on camera
  2. Submit a comment or question to appear on screen
  3. Chat with other guests in the live viewer chat

How can you join on camera?

Because it’s face-to-face, joining on camera is the ultimate Spreecast experience. You can request to get on camera by clicking the small camera icon on the video player (beside the volume and settings icons). You’ll see a pop-up that first asks you to save your Flash settings so we can stream video from your webcam. Simply click “Allow” and “Save.”

Once you’ve done that, you’ll have the option to private chat with me, and your request to join may or may not be approved. If approved, you’ll be on deck to go On Air. When I decide to put you on, you’ll go live, so be ready!

How can you submit a comment or question on screen?

Click the “Comment/Question” button on the lower-right corner of the video player. This sends your submission to the Spreecast’s producer, me, who may then choose to drag it on screen for all to see. You can include links, Twitter handles, and hashtags – they’ll be clickable for everyone in the spreecast!

How can you chat during a spreecast?

The chat feature is only available during live spreecasts, and requires a log-in to for use. Non-signed-in guests can still view the chat and watch the regular spreecast, but they will not be able to participate. Accounts are free and only take a minute to create with Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail.

What is the small popup window that shows up when you request to Spreecast or when you create a Spreecast?

The small dialog box is from the Adobe Flash Player and asks you for permission to capture video and audio from your camera and microphone. You need to give permission to access your camera and microphone in order to broadcast.

Can you RSVP for the Spreecast in advance?

Yes, and it’s a great way to keep track of upcoming events. You can RSVP by visiting the Spreecast event’s page, here, and clicking the blue RSVP button in the lower-left corner of the video player. This will let the host know you plant to attend, and will also send you an automatic e-mail reminder one hour before the spreecast starts.

Will this Spreecast be recorded and available for playback?

Yes! This Spreecast will be available for playback right here at this same location immediately after we’ve finished talking live!

If for some reason you are having difficulties watching and/or joining in the Spreecast Wednesday, click here to view it directly on Spreecast’s site, where you can also troubleshoot and find help with whatever you need!


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3 Responses to Crafts Wars “Alters or Falters” LIVE Recap!

  1. Nikki says:

    Uh Oh! Looks like the Spreecast site is having a bit of a hiccup! Don’t worry! You can still mark your calendars! The Spreecast itself will be back up and running soon!

  2. Nikki says:

    And that fast, Spreecast is back on track! Yay!!!
    See you Wednesday night!

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