Faux Button Closure Crochet Headband {Free Pattern}

So apparently A LOT of you like crochet head warmers!

This one with the flower, that I posted a few weeks ago was a HUGE hit, and all of you asked for more, so….here you go!

I love this one because it is even easier than the first, quicker to work up, and you can really use any of your favorite shell stitches that you like! Personally, I like this one from the Crochet Spot, but again, you can use whatever one you love!

The materials list and pattern is below!


Nikki, In Stitches


  • *60 yards of a “chunky” yarn
  • Size G Crochet Hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • 2 Buttons

*Any of your favorite yarns can be used for this project. I used Paton’s Classic Wool, but anything that’s a little thick and/or chunky will work up just fine! Just remember, you  may need to adjust your hook size accordingly.



(In my case, I chained 84 stitches. NOTE: The shell pattern I selected to use will shrink those 84 stitches some, so the finished piece will not be as long as the length of these chains. You may need to adjust your number depending on the shell pattern you select. Some require you to chain a specific number/multiple. For example, for my pattern I had to chain a multiple of 3, and 84 seemed perfect!

Follow your favorite shell pattern until your piece is 4″ wide x about 24″ long. I LOVE this simple design I found at the Crochet Spot. For the head warmer you see above, I followed the pattern exactly as it is written for 10 rows. You can use this one, too, or substitute in your favorite!

Fasten off.

Thread loose ends through a large eyed needle. Use them to sew your flat rectangular piece into a round head warmer. I like my ends to overlap a bit, usually about an inch and a half…at least the width of my buttons. (Yup! The buttons are really for decoration only! This helps the head warmer keep its shape better, and makes the project super easy!)

Attach buttons using a length of spare yarn and your tapestry needle. Weave in loose ends.

That’s it! Enjoy your head warmer and keep warm! XOXO

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2 Responses to Faux Button Closure Crochet Headband {Free Pattern}

  1. Mary Bigler says:

    I can’t wait to crochet mine. I tryrd several times to crochet around ear warmer and I miss it up. So, I hope this one will work. Thank you for shRing

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