For My Valentine

These adorable little Valentines will be sent out to all of our loved ones this weekend, along with some yummy goodies.  They were super simple to make.  It was my first time  using a Spellbinders die, and I am in love.  Their designs are beautiful and also very practical. (I had only one little hiccup with this project.  All of the little pieces in the design that were to form the negative space kept sticking in the die.  It took forever to pick all of them out with a toothpick between each pass through my machine.  Any suggestions?) For the center heart, I just used a stamp, cut around it, and folded the heart in half to give it some dimension.  I attached it using DMC floss and a needle and thread.  I did punch two holes in both the heart and the background paper before sewing the two together so that the force of the needle through the paper didn’t rip or damage my design.  I printed the text on the inside out on my printer, minus the “V” in love.  To add some interest, the V is made using two fingerprints…a cute way to let my little guy “help” mommy.


Nikki, In Stitches

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3 Responses to For My Valentine

  1. Chris says:

    How adorable are these!!??

    In elementary school, and as part of an art project each year – we were assigned to make a MAILBOX out of an old shoebox. Each child made their unique mailbox in an effort to solicit the most handmade valentines that we all designed, cut out and glued together for others. I remember one year, that the teacher had us put the “mailboxes” on the radiator in the classroom. When we came back into the classroom from recess – the entire room smelled like the glue that we used – It came in jars with a brush. The immediate concern was not of a potential fire danger, but rather over the safety of the handmade valentines from our friends! Those paper valentines were very special to this 7 year old and that feeling for Valentines Day remains today!
    Happy Valentines Day.

  2. Annmaree says:

    I LOVE those Spellbinders!, which set is that? the cards are great! Love all the ideas here.

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