My Crafty Wish List

Do all of you have one of these?

No, not the gorgeous quilt up there…a crafty wish list?

I do.

I have my crafty wish list of things I’d love to make or have, if money and time (which sometimes seems just as hard to find as cash) weren’t a factor.

Here are my top three!

1. The McKenna Ryan quilt pictured above: Faith Hope Love. Actually, I should rephrase that. I would just like the quilt pattern. (And if this were a pipe dream list, I’d ask for all of the fabric, too!) I want to actually make this quilt, not just have it. All of you know I am head over heels in love with applique, and I think this quilt is just stunning.

2. An embroidery machine. Plain and simple: an embroidery machine. I dream about the goodies I could make if I had one…I probably would also never leave my craft room!

3. A Silhouette Cameo. Not only does it cut, but it can also cut out what you have just printed! Hello! That’s amazing! Yeah…I need one of these, too!

4. (Yes, I know I said top 3, but this one’s important!) A glue gun that doesn’t leak molten hot lava all over me and my work! I truly don’t think such a thing exists!

So what’s on your crafty wish list? Leave your top 3 in the comments below!

Nikki, In Stitches

PS…The photo up top is courtesy of, where you can find all of McKenna Ryan’s amazing quilt patterns!

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22 Responses to My Crafty Wish List

  1. ANNE JONES says:

    Thanks for posting this quilt I love the design of it too. I am inspired to use craft paper or pretty designed tissue papers and mod podg away . . . . and my silhouette (not the cameo) but I love mine to cut out letters and shapes and just do some collages for my bedroom. My wish list is huge but at the top of the list is 1) ia rack to hold all my paper, to organize it somehow I have file cabinets but feel like I am digging 2} shelving for all my Art books, not just bookshelves but a free pass to Ikea or something, I have so many cool things to arrange, ok as long as we are dreaming can we go to Pottery Barn? 3} is a unit to store my paintings. I think I will have to build this, ok my hubby will build bc I am kind of afraid of the nail gun. But to buy them is like I could go to PB and get new studio furniture, yeah that would be fun . . . . I guess we always have a project or goal, that’s what get’s us up in the morning. 🙂 Well Nikki your children probably get you up! But for me . . . . it’s just the creative process.

    • Nikki says:

      Oh, Anne…for me storage, storage and shelving would be an entire list of its own! 😉
      And I would be right behind you in line at Pottery Barn!

  2. Stephanie Haberman says:

    My crafty wish list:

    To take an Alaskan Knitting Cruise

    To have a stash big enough to rival even the most ardent yarn collector.

    A comfortable zero gravity recliner to relax in while I knit.

    • Nikki says:

      I love it, Stephanie! A comfy chair to work in makes such a difference! And a knitting cruise? Looks like I need to add something to my list!

  3. Lynda says:

    Hi Nikki,

    Love that quilt material!

    On my crafty list is
    1. a serger complete with someone who would thread it for me!
    2. Someone to really help me arrange this room – I’m on my 4th reorganization and hope it’s the last.
    3. A larger area – although I am grateful for this room.


    • Nikki says:

      Isn’t that quilt gorgeous? I kind of think I have to also wish for the fabric, right? I could never pick out such perfect colors and patterns!
      And a serger! How did I forget a serger? Love it, Lynda!!

  4. Oh my, where to start! On my no-so-realistic list I have:
    -a separate room devoted to crafting, graphic design and styling props. Ok, this sounds more like a separate house!
    My hopeful list includes:
    -Silhouette Cameo
    -Basic sewing machine so I can learn, oh yeah and someone to teach me to sew on said machine.

    • Nikki says:

      Nicolle! HaHa! A separate house would be fantastic! Someplace quiet without kiddos running in the background, right???
      OK…sewing machine. All I have is a very basic machine that my hubby gave me our first Christmas together….that’s all you need!
      Just jump into it. I didn’t take any classes until years after I had my machine, and had taught myself the basics. It’s not as hard as you would think!

  5. Sarah Hughes says:

    OH Only 3??!!! I have such a long list BUT my top 3 would be

    1-Finish the sock monkey curtains for my sons room before he is too old for sock monkeys

    2-knit both kids something..I haven’t picked up my needles since my son was born and my yarn stash is screaming for me to come back!

    3-Make floor pillows for the kids to sit on in the playroom (so they stop taking the couch cushions!)

  6. elizabeth says:

    Love all the comments. We all seem to be wanting the same stuff!

    My #1 is studio furniture. Love, love, love the MS craft collection ( and some nice shelving like this (

    2. Upgrade my Silhouette SD to a Cameo. I love the silhouette and could get so much more out of the Cameo!

    3. New laptop (it’s how I’m crafty!)

    This sounds more like a expand my biz wishlist lol

    PS. @Lynda, believe it or not, I love to thread sergers. There’s something soothing in it for me! @Nicolle, I wish sewing could easily be taught online, I tutored students in sewing during my college years (fashion school). But it’s really a hands on learning experience and lots of practice!

    • Nikki says:

      Elizabeth, LOVE your list! I’m a huge fan of the MS craft collection, too…but that may have to be on my “pipe dream” list!

  7. WOW ~ only 3??? Well, let me think…..hmmm.

    1) a LARGE area devoted to my business and all the props, party decor and my computer ~ I’m with @Nicolle ~ need another whole house!! hee hee

    2) Cameo would be FABULOUS

    3) More time and more money to help make the other two a reality!!

  8. Carrie says:

    1. I definitely would love a Silhouette. So much you can do with it!

    2. Sewing machine that embroiders, plus some lessons.

    3. While I’m dreaming, a dedicated craft space that I don’t need to share with the kids. Kids plus sharp things like pins and scissors don’t mix!

    • Nikki says:

      Carrie….I hear you! I’m limited to what I can work on during the day because my kiddos are usually right alongside me!

  9. What a fun idea, Nikki! Great choices you’ve made! My list would consist of 1) that awesome sounding silhouette cameo you mentioned, 2) a cricut (which may be very similar to the cameo) and 3) a great place to store my million sheets of cardstock and paper! 🙂

  10. Okay, I have to laugh, so on the bandwagon with you all (above)…I loved reading all the comments! Here are my three:
    1) Space and craft organizing station
    2) Silhouette cameo
    3) new laptop

    Thanks Nikki for this fun post!

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