Container Garden Tips and Tricks {Round Up!}

Each year, about this time, I start dreaming of a luscious garden, filled with veggies and herbs, that will keep my family healthy and full throughout the summer.

Each year, about this time, I sneak away to the nursery down the street, and stock up on seedlings and potting soil, then convince my children that it will be fun for us to spend the day digging in the dirt, getting our hands dirty, planting these little seedlings that will soon grow into fruitful plants, bearing delicious vegetables for us to enjoy in the coming months.

And each year, about three months from now, I sit outside, surrounded by my containers, and look at the once green plants that I had such hopes for, and see them looking more like a shade of brown, and feel an overwhelming wave of disappointment when I think of how less than fruitful they were.

This happens every year. (Trust me…every year. How do I know? Because each year, about this time, my husband enjoys reminding me, in a completely loving way of course, about what happened to last year’s garden ♥ )

Until now.

I am determined this year to change this cycle.

So, where did I turn to for help?

Pinterest, of course!

I created a board full of tips and tricks for planting a container garden, and then keeping it green throughout the summer. You can see all of the pins here, (and feel free to comment about which ones you think are best!) but the pictures above are some of my favorite ideas. Here are a few details on each:

  1. DIY Stamped Silverware Garden Markers from My So Called Crafty Life Where are my stamped jewelry lovers? You’ve already got all your supplies! The full how-to is in this post!
  2. Hanging Herb Garden from The Telegraph This idea behind this is pretty simple. Not sure if you really need to swing by the post, but the author does provide great advice for some readers struggling with their gardens. You might be able to pull a few tips and tricks from her, too!
  3. Indoor Garden from Urban Comfort Super simple idea that is absolutely beautiful. PS…There are a few tips in this post for creating your own terrariums, too!
  4. Garden Markers Made From Wooden Spoons from Nikki, In Stitches I used these last year to mark all the herbs and vegetables in my garden! I used my CAMEO, but you could certainly make them without a cutting system. Just grab some scrap paper, scissors, mod podge, and alphabet stickers!
  5. Mason Jar Herb Garden from Camille Styles DIY mason jar indoor hanging herb garden…This one could be my fave! Full tutorial is in the post!

If you have any other tips or tricks for keeping your container garden green throughout the summer, please feel free to share them below.

I could certainly use them!

Nikki, In Stitches 

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