New Life for Old Sweaters

recycled-sweater-mittensMy closet is full of sweaters that I have not worn in years.  I have no idea why I hold on to them.  Every once in a while, I pull them out, try them on, confirm that they are still either out of style or completely stretched out, and put them right back where I found them.  What can I say?  There is something special about a warm, comfy sweater, something that makes you want to curl up with a good book and mug of hot chocolate.  Maybe that’s why its so hard for me to get rid of them.  Maybe that’s also why I fell in love with this project from Martha Stewart.  Finding a new use for my favorite old sweater certainly gets it more action than its currently getting in the bottom of my closet, and makes room for new clothes, a winning combination!


Nikki, In Stitches

Added Later:

This post has inspired me to collect old sweaters from as many people as possible, and then donate the mittens made from them to homeless shelters and charities in need. If you are interested, please read the Lend a Helping Hand post, or contact me at

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2 Responses to New Life for Old Sweaters

  1. Sandy says:

    I’ve gotta try making some………
    Is there a liner in them or are they just the sweaters?
    Thanks for sharing.

    • nikkiinstitches says:

      Thanks, Sandy!
      There is no liner. The waistband or cuff of the sweater has some stretch, which you need in order to get the mitten over your wrist. If you lined them, you would probably loose that stretch.
      They are such an easy, fun project.

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