Shore Town Hit by Salty Knits

If you’re a long time reader of Nikki, In Stitches, you know that I recently moved to Connecticut, by way of Scottsdale, Arizona, by way of the east coast.  I lived in Pennsylvania for a few years after I got married, just outside of Philadelphia, but really, “home” for me is South Jersey.  There.  I said it.  Yes, there were a few (or more) years in which I had very big hair, high bangs, and a really bad perm, but honestly, who didn’t embarrass themselves like that in late 80’s / early 90’s?  And yes, I occasionally over-pronounce the long ‘o’ in words like phone and home, to the point of that letter almost taking on its’ own syllable, but hey, you can take the girl out of Jersey, but you can’t take the Jersey out of the girl.  Bottom line: I’m a Jersey Girl…through and through.

So, when I see fellow Jersey Girls making national news doing something I love and would love to be a part of, I have to give them a shout out.

Enter: Salty Knits.

If anyone is familiar with beach town life, you know that in the winter these warm weather centers of fun in the sun, cool drink in your hand excitement, are ghost towns, left full of empty homes, cold, dreary beaches, and a few die-hard locals that love the shore life so much, they wouldn’t dream of leaving it for the lonely off-season.  (Note:  I long to one day be one of these locals!)  The Salty Knitters are two girls on a mission.  They are tagging the town with their knit graffiti, bringing color and life back to the shell of a community left over from too much summer livin’.

What makes the story even better, is the response this community has given the girls.  Yarn donations are pouring in.  People are leaving messages outside their homes, hoping to get the bandit knitters’ attention, begging to be “yarn bombed.”  I’ve spent a few long, harsh winters in desolate South Jersey beach towns, and I agree with the fans in West Cape May.  Keep going girls!  Bundle up!  Don’t let the windy, bitter cold nights keep you from tagging, because the fun, excitement, and life you bring to everyone each morning is priceless.  Thank you!  You’re encouraging a renewed interest in one of my favorite traditional crafts.  You’re bringing joy and fun to one of my favorite beach towns.  And you represent Jersey Girls very well!  Nice work!

If you’d like to keep tabs on the Salty Knitters, you can follow them on Facebook, Salty Knits Face Book Fan Page, you can check out their website,, or you can google them…everyone is talking about them.  Also, CBS Evening News recently highlighted them.  In the video, you can check them out…in action.

Nikki, In Stitches

[Photos courtesy of Salty Knits’ Facebook Fan Page]

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