Tis the Season

Fall LeavesOctober marks the start of my favorite time of year. I love the fall / winter seasons for so many reasons. One, it’s the start of the holidays, and this year they will be even more special to me since it’s the first year I will be back in with my family since leaving for the desert in 2006, and we will have a new little one to celebrate with. Also, I am just now realizing how much I’ve missed the change of seasons. Yes, it’s colder than I’m used to, but I’m loving the crisp, cool air and the beautiful changing of the fall leaves. Third, I love when my house is decorated. It just feels so much “homier.” I love to have the candles lit, pumpkins glowing, soon garland hung by the fire. My house just feels more like a home this time of year.


But, there is one other special reason why I love this time of year. It’s the start of craft fair season!


Outdoor MarketI love strolling the isles of craft fairs to see what other creative ideas people have. I always leave feeling so inspired to get crafting myself. This year, craft fair season is even more important to me because Nikki, In Stitches will be selling at its first bazaar! October 3rd and 4th are the big days, and if any of you are in the Skippack, Pennsylvania area, come out and see me. This fair was one of my favorites before moving out west. In the past, I have always found such creative people there, and there’s a great yarn shop right smack in the middle of all the vendors…it’s a win / win situation!


So any advice for a first timer? I have to admit, I’m nervous. I’m sure there are tons of tips and hints all of you could offer to help me get through my first big event. I have plenty of inventory…that seemed like the easy part! What extra things should I bring with me? What can I expect from customers? What am I probably forgetting? I’d love to hear your stories of fairs gone well and gone bad, so I can prepare myself for every possible situation.


Wish me luck!


Nikki, In Stitches

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4 Responses to Tis the Season

  1. Chris says:


    How wonderful! To best prepare – think of your experiences with things that you have purchased at craft shows and what makes them memorable……I have seen vendors bag your purchase in a plain brown paper bag with a business card tucked inside listing their info and a cute little “Thank you”. I have also seen vendors attired in unique attire so that they are easy to recognize and find at the current show and future shows. One vendor I always go to see has their dog at the booth and every receipt gets a “paw stamp” of approval. Too funny! Some booths have a sign up book for folks to indicate their email addresses so that you can announce your upcoming events via email to them or announce “special” sales. Most of all though, have fun and folks will gravitate to your table – who does not want to have fun!!

  2. Victoria says:


    I’ve never posted before, but I have just been reading your notes on a pattern-thank you!

    Fairs are tiring…Take at least two pairs of shoes, and switch at least once during the day…and…lots of water and a few snacks. I’m sure you know this already, but I can’t emphasize the shoes enough!

    Best of luck,

  3. Kerry James says:

    Good Luck:->
    I haven’t done many, but the 2 or 3 that i have done………..adding some special little touch to the bag you put the purchases in, always got noticed and commented on.
    Have fun

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