More Than Just A Painted Pot! {Paint, Sand, And Stick!}

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it here yet, but this party of five and one energy filled yellow lab is moving. You know…it’s one of those “we’re only moving to the other side of town” kind of moves, which is code for “just far enough to need to rent a truck and be a serious move” kind of things. So, the projects and posts over the next few weeks will be short and sweet. Once we get to the new house and settle in, I have LOTS of great home decor projects and DIY’s planned, but obviously those will have to wait until we are actually IN the house!

So, keeping with the short and sweet…

Today’s post is this month’s Silhouette post. They have goodies (i.e. specialty media) (i.e. many of your favorite goodies like double sided adhesive, sticker papers, foil papers, chipboard, vellum, and washi sheets!) and machines on sale, and all the details are below. I also have a super quick tutorial for both painting and aging a regular old clay pot with chalk paints, and one for using Silhouette’s clear sticker paper to add a little something extra to it. Scroll down to take a peek!


Nikki, In Stitches

1. Specialty Media Sale Details

  • All Specialty Media Products are 25% off (Again, these are some of your favorites like double sided adhesive, stencil material, washi sheets, temporary tattoo paper, printable sticker papers and foil papers, kraft paper and chipboard…you get the idea!) Just click here to start shopping and use promo code STITCHES to get your discount!
  • CAMEO Bundle
    Silhouette CAMEO
    1 Printable Cotton Canvas
    1 Vellum
    1 Adhesive Washi Sheets
    1 Printable Adhesive Kraft Paper
    1 Stencil Material
    MSRP: $340.94
    Sale Price: $269.99
  • Portrait Bundle
    Silhouette Portrait
    1 Printable Cotton Canvas
    1 Vellum
    1 Adhesive Washi Sheets
    1 Printable Adhesive Kraft Paper
    1 Stencil Material
    MSRP: $220.94
    Sale Price: $139.99

As always, just use promo code STITCHES to get your discount. To get more information on the cutting system bundles just click here.

This sale runs from 5/21/14 through 5/31/14.

2. How To More Than Just Paint A Pot

Below you’ll find two super simple tutorials, again one for just painting and aging the pot using chalk paints, and one for creating the sticker to embellish it. And the clear sticker paper I used to create it (which falls into the category of specialty media items on sale right now!) makes things so much easier. Let your project behind the sticker do a lot of the work for you!

Basic steps to painting and aging your pot:

First let me just start by saying the supplies here are super simple: a pot, two colors of paint and a paintbrush, sand paper. I use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, but you certainly do not need to. Any chalk paint will do.

1. Paint your base color first and let it dry.

2. Then paint your top color and let it dry. (You can see my paint can here is very well loved! I use this color for everything!)

3. Sand away! (Sand as much or as little as you’d like to “age” your pot!)

See what I mean? Couldn’t be easier, right? And many of you may want to leave your pot just like this! (NOTE: This simple process of painting a base color, painting a top color, and sanding away is one of my “go-to” methods of painting furniture as well…but we’ll get more into that again when I’m actually in the new house!)

How to add the sticker:

I used a bee design from the Silhouette store that you can find here, but you can use anything you’d like. (A monogram would work really well!) I adjusted the color to match the paints I used on my pot.

1. Open your design in your Silhouette software and size it appropriately to fit on your pot. You can see I’ve also prepped this to be a Print & Cut project so my registration marks are visible.

2. This design came with cut lines around every piece which for this project isn’t necessary. Instead we’ll create an offset and cut that. In the Offset window, adjust your offset distance to 0.03 and click apply.

3. Open the Line Color window and adjust your offset lines to be black.

4. In the Cut Setting window deselect the red cut lines. We do not want to cut these! Adjust the media type for the black lines to be Clear Sticker Paper.

5. Now complete the typical Print & Cut process. Apply your sticker to your pot. And then, if you’d like, actually sand your sticker some, too, to match the aging of your pot!

Again, so simple and a great way to add that perfect little something extra to your more than just painted pot!

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