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Create Your Own Story Wall

Every little thing on this wall means so much to me. Special days, lyrics, favorite pictures… It’s our story…literally from the day we met, to our most recent family photo. It’s all there, with plenty of room to grow. Plenty … Continue reading

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Before And After Entryway…A Chalk Paint Makeover

Did you ever have a piece of furniture you’d been carrying with your for a long time knowing that one day you’d find the perfect project for it in the perfect place? That was me. See that brown wine rack up … Continue reading

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How To Hem Tulle Ruffles (VIDEO Tutorial)

Lots of questions came in after my last post, asking for a close-up view of exactly how I used jewelry monofilament or fishing line in my tulle ruffles, so I thought I’d show a short video today. I demo the … Continue reading

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How To Hem Flowing Tulle Ruffles With Jewelry Wire? {A Sewing Tutorial}

As I mentioned in my last post, I am in the throes of some serious Halloween costume sewing these days. And I do mean serious. My kitchen table is covered with yards of pink tulle that I push to the … Continue reading

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Welcome Home

Hey, Stranger. It’s been while. Too long, to say the least. This summer has kicked my behind. From packing the entire house and family up for a move, to unpacking the entire house and family in our new home, to … Continue reading

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More Than Just A Painted Pot! {Paint, Sand, And Stick!}

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it here yet, but this party of five and one energy filled yellow lab is moving. You know…it’s one of those “we’re only moving to the other side of town” kind of moves, which … Continue reading

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Reversible Sleeping Mask Free Sewing Pattern

The pillowcases were such a hit last week, I thought I’d give all of you a little something extra to go with them…Sleeping Masks! We made these sleeping masks in a free online class I hosted awhile back, so there … Continue reading

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Reverse Weeding Video How-To {PLUS One Last Sale On Silhouette Vinyl!}

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday! I am still enjoying pajama days, hot cocoa, and playing with my kiddos. (There is nothing better than brand new Christmas toys, right? We’re surrounded by Lego pieces and Barbies over … Continue reading

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Faux Button Closure Crochet Headband {Free Pattern}

So apparently A LOT of you like crochet head warmers! This one with the flower, that I posted a few weeks ago was a HUGE hit, and all of you asked for more, so….here you go! I love this one … Continue reading

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Crochet Flower and Head Warmer {Free Pattern}

It happens every year…. The weather gets cold, and I get the itch to play with yarn. Today I have the first of two crochet projects for you, both head warmers. (Head warmer #2 is coming your way next week!) … Continue reading

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