5 Simple Projects Needed To Create Your Halloween Display {And 3 Tips For Making It Last Throughout The Holiday Season}

In the next three months, most of us will decorate and redecorate our houses at least three times…first for Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas. If you’re like me, you also have two little ones’ birthdays thrown into the mix, which makes for potentially five “wardrobe changes” in the next ten weeks. For me, the key to making this possible is to repurpose items from around my house simply and easily. Swapping out a few pieces here and there, or quickly changing a color combination helps to make all the redecorating less stressful, and even more importantly, less expensive.

In my video below, you’ll see my how-to’s for five projects I made (each in under 30 minutes!) for this year’s Halloween display. Take a peek, then scroll down for my tricks to “redress” these projects for the next holiday!

Pssst! If you can’t see the video because you’re reading this post in your inbox or through a reader, click here to watch!

Before you run to your cabinets, grabbing all of your empty vases and gift boxes, plan ahead!

  • First, as I said in the video, use just a dab of hot glue on your ribbons to hold them in place. Swap them (and the spider web punched cardstock!) out for Thanksgiving, and replace the straws with a more appropriate candy, or maybe even send your little ones out on an acorn hunt. At Christmas, I like to use Hershey kisses or peppermints, but if your vases or large enough, you could even fill them with ornaments.
  • Two, choose your fabric wisely for your fabric covered boxes. The burlap I used, will match my Thanksgiving decor, too. This way, these can stay, and I have less to replace to make this display perfect for Turkey Day.
  • And three, start with neutrals. Not everything in the display has to be holiday specific at the start. First incorporate pieces that you can later use around your house throughout the year. This way, as your holiday specific collection grows, you can swap the neutral pieces out, use them somewhere else, and you don’t have to spend as much money up front on decorations you will only use for a few weeks during the year. You’ll end up spending less money, and be able to decorate more of your home for an extended period of time in the long run.

And one last tip not actually related to decorating but I know many of you will ask how I edit my photos to make them look a little “spooky” and this is also a simple trick…PicMonkey! They are a free photo editing site, and just released their Halloween effects. Grab a cup of coffee and upload a few of your favorite pictures. You’ll spend your entire morning turning your friends and family into ghouls and goblins! (And nope, I’m not an affiliate for PicMonkey, and I’m not compensated for promoting them. I just love how they make my mediocre pictures look fantastic!)

Happy Halloween!

Nikki, In Stitches

PS…The Spider Wreath how-to can be found here!

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2 Responses to 5 Simple Projects Needed To Create Your Halloween Display {And 3 Tips For Making It Last Throughout The Holiday Season}

  1. Lainie Harris says:

    Such smart projects! Thanks for the video and tips for achieving spooky Halloween effects.

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