“BOO!”tiful Halloween Cards

Doesn’t everyone have a trick-or-treater or two that lives too far away to knock on your door?
Send them one of these adorable Halloween cards…along with some yummy goodies!
They’ll be back for more!!


PS…I’ll let you in on a huge secret I’ve been keeping!
I can’t draw!!
So when I pictured these cards in my head, my biggest concern was how was I going to get the “BOO!” just right.


Enter: The How Does She Gals!


Not only does How Does She? give great craft projects, recipes, decorating tips…pretty much everything I’m interested in…but if you sign up for their email updates, they surprise you every few weeks with freebies like printables. Take a look at what’s available as freebies here.  More specifically, check out these adorable Halloween freebies. See anything familiar??

Enjoy my spooky tutorial below!!

Nikki, In Stitches



Blank Notecards

Black chalk

Fabric of your choice (This is a great project to use up your scraps!)

Interfacing (Scraps will work here, too!)

Tissue Paper

Decorative paper

Coordinating embroidery floss

Embroidery Needle

Embroidery Hoop

Adhesive of your choice

Die Cutting System

Frame Die (I used a Spellbinders Nestabilities set called “Labels Four”)






1. After signing up for the How Does She? email updates, save their Halloween printables to your computer and adjust the size so that “BOO!” fits into your frame accordingly. Print it out.


2. Trace this onto tissue paper. (I just grab an old crumpled up piece left over from the holidays and it works just fine!)


3.  Place both the tissue paper and fabric into your embroidery hoop.  Using your pencil lines as a guide, stem stitch “BOO!” right through the tissue paper.


4.  Tear away the tissue, and you now have a perfectly embroidered “BOO!”


5.  Press your fabric.  Then press the interfacing to the back of your embroidered piece.


6.  Using your die cut system, cut out (and emboss if you’d like) the frame from your decorative paper.


7.  Adhere the frame to your fabric. (I just use an adhesive roller.  In my opinion, glue is a little too messy for this project.)


8.  Trim away the excess fabric from around your frame. (Depending on what kind of die you use, you can sometimes fit the frame back into the die and run the whole piece through your machine again. This saves some time!)


9.  Chalk your card.


10. Adhere your “BOO!” to your chalked card.


(Note: I wasn’t given anything for free or asked to mention any of this for promotional purposes…just passing on my crafty finds!)


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2 Responses to “BOO!”tiful Halloween Cards

  1. Annmaree says:

    These are great!!!

    They are BOO-tiful! haha

  2. Peppy Stitch says:

    I love this! Such a cute way to use fabric scraps!

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