Summer Reading: My 3 Favorite “Bring to the Beach” Craft Magazines

I’m a “sit in my beach chair, bury my toes in the sand, I’ll be here in this exact spot all day” kind of girl.  (I’m lucky that my children are “sit in the sand, build a sandcastle, we’ll be here in this exact spot all day” kind of kids!)  Packing for a day at the beach is pretty simple for us: toys, snacks and drinks, sunscreen, my beach chair, and, of course, my favorite craft mags.  Here are my top three, and yes, I saved the best for last!  I have no tie with any of these magazines, and wasn’t asked to review any of them.  These are just a few in my pile I have set aside for upcoming beach days, and thought I’d share!


And feel free to add your faves in the comments below!

Nikki, In Stitches

3.  Stitch

Photo from Stitch

When browsing through craft magazines, I look for variety.  I gravitate to magazines that offer a range of projects and can fill a lot of needs (from gift giving to home decor, and everything in between).  I also look for mags that include simple projects I can put together in an afternoon, as well as projects that will challenge me and help me learn new skills.  When I consistently find all of this in one issue…Jackpot!  Stitch never disappoints.  Any sewer, from any skill level, can find a project they love in each issue.  Sadly, it’s a little hard to find.  Some large chain craft stores carry it, and some do not, but it is absolutely worth your time to hunt it down!

2. Simply Handmade

Photo from Simply Handmade

This little magazine (and it is smaller than most mags, so don’t miss it on the shelves!) is packed with simple, quick ideas that are perfect for personalizing.  I love the fact that I can take any project they publish, put a simple twist on it, and use it over and over again…often times in multiple mediums.  And, this is actually a series of magazines…There’s one for cards! There’s one for scrapbooking! There’s one for beading! There’s even one that is full of projects to make with your Cricut! Get the idea here?? There’s literally something for everyone!

1.  Martha Stewart Living

Photo from Martha Stewart

OK, yes.  I am a huge Martha fan, but even if I weren’t (and I can’t imagine not), but even if I weren’t…I’d still love this magazine!  Not only is it beautiful to look at, it’s always packed with great ideas.  In typical Martha style, they are simple and elegant.  I like, too, that Living gets my creative juices flowing, and my taste buds watering!  Unfortunately, my skills don’t really extend into the kitchen, so when I’m finished earmarking all the craft projects I’d like to make, I pass it over to my husband…the chef in the house!!

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5 Responses to Summer Reading: My 3 Favorite “Bring to the Beach” Craft Magazines

  1. Lynda says:


    I just found Stitch a month or so ago and love it. I’ll have to look for Simply Handmade. Not a real Martha fan but I probably need to check out her mag again.

    My favs are Cloth, Paper & Scissors and Quilting Arts! Also, a mindless novel or mystery is always nice at the beach.


    • Lynda!
      How did I forget Cloth, Paper, Scissors?? That is one of my favorites just for the pictures!
      I’m not a huge paper artist, but some of the projects in there are amazing!
      Thank you for reminding me of how much I love that one!

  2. Great post!! very interesting 🙂
    Thanks for share:)

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