Baltimore Style Halloween Quilt Update – My Adventure in Hand Applique Continues

It’s been forever since I posted an update on the progress of this quilt, and quite honestly, it’s because it’s been forever since I’ve worked on it! But with two weeks of vacation at the beach scheduled for earlier this month, I brought it along. Sadly, it’s the same project I’ve brought along the last three summers!

The four blocks I’ve completed since my last update are pictured throughout this post, but I know the detail is hard to see. All of the embroidery is finished. The buttons and beads will get added after the entire quilt is finished and back from the machine quilters’. Of course, at this pace, that won’t be for years!

I have three and a half small blocks to go, plus the center block. You can take a peek at the finished quilt here (and get info on ordering it yourself!), and you can also see how big the center block is compared to the smaller surrounding blocks. And, if you were sitting here next to me, you’d see me shaking my head because, considering it’s size and my current pace, that center block alone will take me six months!

And just a quick note of thanks squeezed in between these last two pictures…

I know my posts have been “Craft Wars Heavy” these last few weeks, yet I also know that many of you have been loyal fans long before the show was ever a possibility. Thanks for sticking with me on this crazy ride, and I promise I’ll be back and better than ever with great DIY’s and tutorials by summer’s end! (If you’re just as excited as I am about crafts making a come back to network TV, take a peek at the replay of my live webcast of this week’s show and try not to laugh too hard at my cheesy jokes!)


Nikki, In Stitches

PS…Even though I work on this project in bits and pieces, hand applique is one of my favorite things to do. I love how I can pick it up and take it with me. I love (and hate!) the time it takes…it makes the finished quilt an instant heirloom that I know my family will enjoy for generations. And I love the challenge! If you’re just beginning your own “adventure in applique” or you’re a seasoned applique vet, take a peek at my post Five Unconventional, Unprofessional, and Somewhat Provocative Tips for Perfect Hand Applique….it’s full of my tips and tricks for perfect applique every stitch of the way!


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6 Responses to Baltimore Style Halloween Quilt Update – My Adventure in Hand Applique Continues

  1. Aurora m. says:

    Will this be for sale? I love it!

    • Nikki says:

      Aurora, I am beyond flattered. Thank you. It means so much to me that you are even interested in purchasing my quilt. As you probably know, I can’t put a price on the time, talent, and most importantly love that has already gone into that quilt…and it’s not even finished. It’s traveled with me everywhere I’ve went the last two and a half years. My children have helped me choose fabrics for it. I’ve found comfort in working on it during some very difficult times early this year when I lost my grandmother. For all of these reasons, and so many more, I can’t sell it. But again, I am so very flattered that you like it that much. I hope you know how much your interest truly means to me.

  2. Claire says:

    Your quilt is gorgeous and I love it. Big WOW!

    Claire in Houston

    • Nikki says:

      Thanks so much, Claire!
      I do feel bad for all the complaining I do about how long it’s taking me. It actually is my favorite project I’m working on!

  3. mary smith says:

    would you interested in selling the pattern

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